Saturday, 22 August 2009

Less to carry...

As a make up artist its very easy to load up your kit with bottles of products, and of course you do need a selection of products but you dont have to carry the full size. If you can get hold of samples of the products you want to use then brilliant, if not just decant the products into smaller pots, bottles and sprays. You can do this for quite a lot of your kit, loose powders are great in stackable pots, you can actually get the stackable sifter pots which are even better. Ive also recently ordered a bead organiser for all my little bags of gems, stones and sequins - this doesn't really minimise anything but it makes these small things much easy to use. For my own personal use I have a Mac quad palette, which is magnetic, so I can easily swap eyeshadows in and out of there and not have to carry a large eye shadow palette, meaning I dont risk breaking them all, taking up space and weight in my travel luggage or taking to long to get ready due to to much choice!

If you are going to decant products always make sure they are labeled in some way. It also means that if anyone is helping you tidy away your kit they can put stuff back where it belongs, whether its all skincare together or a whole zip bag of lipsticks thats labelled 'Lips' .

So I grabbed one of these babys off ebay for about £8, including tape and postage, Excellent! Make sure you purchase the correct tape being 'plastic' also best to keep it as professional as possible so go with white, and they do take quite a few batteries.

WARNING: Its very easy to get carried away with labeling things, bare in mind that the fridge has never been mistaken for the washing machine before so it probably doesn't need a FRIDGE label, neither does the PLUG or the TABLE.

The two unlabeled bottles are these great squeezable tubes which I carry a little shampoo and conditioner in. I do find myself in situations where I've suggested something a little more creative than previous planned. I like to reassure my models that I will clean them up after.......

I always carry in my make up kit, a selection of aqua colours. All different brands, all different colours, all different prices. I needed a more compact way to carry them as they were bulking, messy and heavy. So I popped into Muji and found these really cheap plastic palettes. I think I paid £2 for this one, which has 12 sections. Its amazing! You can also get a smaller palette that has 6 sections for £1.50. Ive just spent a few hours melting down my aqua colours with a little alcohol and pouring them into my new Muji palette. Now I have a much smaller and lighter item to carry in my kit -PERFECT.

Im very pleased x
I love Muji....

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