Thursday, 10 September 2009


My mama recently picked up the new Lancome mascara Virtuose Black Carat in 24 Carats Gold Top Coat. When we saw the gold sparkles packed into the tube we couldn't resist, it looked so amazing!

It's priced at about £20.00 (6.5ml) and comes in 3 colours - Bronze, Gold and Black, we went with gold. The actual mascara Curve and Length Mascara Divine Hold, comes as a normal mascara, which is award winning, then they have added glitter to produce these Virtuose Black Carat mascaras. They are advertised to be worn alone or on top of other mascaras.

My mama told me that the glitter falls off onto her face, so I borrowed it to test it out. In day light the glitter sparkles are hard to notice but under light the sparkles are great. Wearing it alone only provides a tiny amount of glitter and not much of a mascara, it does also fall onto the face which instantly makes you look a mess.

If you apply it over a thick black mascara however, you can really load up your lashes, it looks really fun and doesn't fall down the face. Super speedy way to glam up your make up, I love it!

Also, I wear contact lenses and this mascara is fine on me, I don't get any irritation. x

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Blue Nails....

Personally I only really like the navy blue looks, I'm not keen on lighter shades of blue for anything so I'm not going to change my ways for a nail trend. It reminds me of being really young and wearing every colour nail colour under the sun. For me it's a light shade of navy all the way through to a black.

I know we all love the Chanel 461 Blue satin, the packaging is irresistible and the colour gorgeous. Slightly more product than most, at 13ml, but I simply can't afford it every time, it's about £12!

I went on the hunt for the nearest thing, for me Bourjois 32 Bleu mysterieux is the closest. So laque is the collection of pure colour shades, it contains vinyl so nails stay shiny and strong, 10ml and defiantly needs at least two coats for great colour pay off. It's advertised to last a whooping 7 days, I don't see this happening for me, but thats nothing new. It's quick drying, has a great flat brush and only costs about £5.00!

I understand that the colour here looks pretty black, it is a little lighter than this in real life.... x


There is often sequins, glitter, gems, lashes, lace and lots lots more on the catwalks. I really love sequins, unfortunately my sequins ended up living in one tub, now I don't know how this happened, I can't imagine that I ever thought that would be a good idea. Very inappropriate storage anyway so I picked up a little organiser for 99p and spent hours separating my sequins. I soon had a headache but boy am I looking forward to using them now! x

Work Event...

Saturday night I was backstage at London's SEone Club making up faces, I dragged along my helping hands, Fern and Becca, we make a good team! The set design was great, some good sounds, I only wish I could have done Roisin Murphy's make up - Shame! x

Just noticed that there are pictures of me on the Illamasqua blog - Thanks x


Recently I assisted Natasha Lawes, who is a very talented, set designing Make up Artist. Natasha kindly allowed me on board for a collection of promotional shoots for a young actress and musician - Sydney Rae White. With Photographer Annick Wolfers we organised different settings to suit Sydney's style. It was a really creative day, I made some curtains, held up some giant wings and sung along to her latest track.

Thanks for having me Natasha and Annick and good luck to little Sydney Rae White! x

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Eye Lash Curlers...

We all should know how important it is to curl our lashes, if you don't know then you've been missing out. Curling the lashes opens and lifts the eye, making you look more awake, slightly more youthful and fresher faced. Asian lashes tend to be straight, stubborn and a little shorter than Caucasian lashes so if a products curls Asian lashes - I'd say it's a damn good product.

Traditional squeezy lash curlers are still very popular, inexpensive and readily available. Always use this type of curler on clean natural lashes, once your mascara has dried stay clear of the curler! If the mascara was still a little wet the rubber cushion on the curler could stick to your lashes and tear them out at the root and dried mascara makes lashes brittle so you could actually break your lashes off.
It's very easy to crimp your lashes with these curlers, causing a harsh hideous angle, so make sure you curl right down at the base, move up the lash a little and curl again.
Heating the curler first with your hair dryer will help the curl stay in longer, obviously the same theory as heated hair tongs and straighteners.
If you can get hold of curlers that have a rounded rubber cushion instead of the flat top type, that will help to achieve a smooth natural curl all the way up the lash.

Over to my favourite lash curler - the heated kind!
These are being made by more and more brands everyday so they are easy to find but they are about £20 or more. You also apply your mascara first then press the heated curler wand against your lashes and it moulds them with a little heat. As the mascara dries it will hold the lashes up. I find the results are less dramatic but still very effective, it's quicker, it feels safer and much more client friendly.

I actually have quite a curl in my lashes so I don't need to curl them, it also means that this test doesn't work that well but I promise it makes a massive difference to straighter lashes x

Here we have clean natural lashes...

Mascaraed lashes...

Curled with Ruby and Millie heated lash curler lashes...

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Hair Dye...

I've always dyed my own hair and believe you me, it's been many colours. I'm currently sporting a growing out shaved head look, so this is it's completely natural colour. Back in June the Cyprus sun warmed up my hair and gave me lovely natural highlights, I was happy about that, it didn't look too bad, until my tan faded and it started to look a little boring....

I opted not to spend £5 or more on a box dye, as my hair is so short, it would be a little ridiculous. I picked up this cute box in my local pharmacy for £1.69, love the graphics, just mix with water, 20 mins on, no peroxide, no ammonia, dark brown and far less waste of packing. I'm up for all of that!

Permanent Powder Hair Dye £1.69

You literally mix all the powder with 5 of these mini cups of water and paint it on, no smell, no mess, no time at all.

Super easy, fast and brilliant!

Okay I'd say it's a little darker than 'dark brown' but I did leave it on for about 30 mins, hopefully after a shampoo today it will lighten a little. It feels really soft and conditioned, the colour is even and I'm happy.

So it's really basic, it doesn't have a shade indicator on the box, it doesn't come with gloves and a sachet of conditioning treatment but if you're used to using hair dyes I'd recommend you try this stuff. I'll update you on how it washes and fades ... x

Friday, 4 September 2009

Making Props...

I have a really exciting event coming up with The Tasting Sessions, it's a interactive performance evening detailing the history of gin. I'm in charge of hair and make up following two different themes, Mothers Ruin and Gin Palace. There is so much good stuff in this event, all my favourite things!

I've just finished making this lace lamp shade for Mothers Ruin......x

I also sprayed these gorgeous rabbit skulls.....x

and created a headdress for one of the models, out of amazing moths, real taxidermy moths, they are so stunning.....x

Event pictures will be posted asap......x

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Post it Notes...

These are my boyfriend's post it notes x

My Make up Mirror...

Oooo I'm so excited, my boring make up mirror has had a face lift.
This was it not long after moving in, back in 08

I'd always dreamed of having a real make up mirror like the ones you see backstage in the dressing rooms on all those wonderful films that I love like Cabaret and Chicago. Anywhere there is make up there needs to be a mirror like this.

With a little help from me, my boyfriend made me this amazing vintage looking mirror - I can't wait to do my make up in the morning. Love him x

We picked up some new wood at the building suppliers and knocked together the frame. I found a brilliant post about a DIY wood stain, soaking some steel wool in white vinegar over night. So I coated the wood first with a basic tea wash stain then added a coat of this steel wool stain which made it a great green toned wood colour as opposed to an orange toned wood colour. We then bashed it about with a hammer and attached these old brass bulb fittings. The switch is an old brown bakelite one I picked up on ebay for about £5. Using small golf ball bulbs means the bulbs dont protrude quite as much and they look so much nicer.

I'm gonna get two more fittings, one for each side and then the switch can be moved down into the lower right hand corner, but until I find two more, this is what I have.

It's a massive improvement, I'm sure you'll agree x

Nail Review...

I popped into Sally's Beauty the other day to help my sister with some hair extensions, got myself a few really boring things - mini hairspray for my set bag, box of super thin tissues and a box of pointy cotton buds (nearly grabbed a discounted Crazy Colour in Tangerine but I opted against that for now)

I did pick up a nail colour, in a fantastic pink, I really believe this is the brightest pink I've ever seen. Having only paid £1.99 for it I wasn't expecting much, but I thought it would do the job. And really, how bad can a nail polish be?

Nina Ultra Pro Salon Formula in Punki Pink is TERRIBLE!

Unfortunately it's really thin on application, very matte and needs at least three coats, even then I could see my white nail showing through. I applied base coat and topcoat but within just a few hours my nails were unbelievably chipped and peeling. I found flakes of colour in my shower, in my dinner, on my desk, everywhere. Now, I'm not one to wear any sort of messy looking nail so I had to remove all the colour, meaning I had the colour on for about 3 hours. Removing the colour wasn't easy either, my finger tips were stained in a wash of bright pink.

Really disappointing.

I'm still trying to find a way to wear this as I absolutely love the colour, but if I'm not promised a full day of wear out of it, then there is simply no way I can leave the house with it on. How sad x