Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Blue Nails....

Personally I only really like the navy blue looks, I'm not keen on lighter shades of blue for anything so I'm not going to change my ways for a nail trend. It reminds me of being really young and wearing every colour nail colour under the sun. For me it's a light shade of navy all the way through to a black.

I know we all love the Chanel 461 Blue satin, the packaging is irresistible and the colour gorgeous. Slightly more product than most, at 13ml, but I simply can't afford it every time, it's about £12!

I went on the hunt for the nearest thing, for me Bourjois 32 Bleu mysterieux is the closest. So laque is the collection of pure colour shades, it contains vinyl so nails stay shiny and strong, 10ml and defiantly needs at least two coats for great colour pay off. It's advertised to last a whooping 7 days, I don't see this happening for me, but thats nothing new. It's quick drying, has a great flat brush and only costs about £5.00!

I understand that the colour here looks pretty black, it is a little lighter than this in real life.... x

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