Sunday, 6 September 2009

Eye Lash Curlers...

We all should know how important it is to curl our lashes, if you don't know then you've been missing out. Curling the lashes opens and lifts the eye, making you look more awake, slightly more youthful and fresher faced. Asian lashes tend to be straight, stubborn and a little shorter than Caucasian lashes so if a products curls Asian lashes - I'd say it's a damn good product.

Traditional squeezy lash curlers are still very popular, inexpensive and readily available. Always use this type of curler on clean natural lashes, once your mascara has dried stay clear of the curler! If the mascara was still a little wet the rubber cushion on the curler could stick to your lashes and tear them out at the root and dried mascara makes lashes brittle so you could actually break your lashes off.
It's very easy to crimp your lashes with these curlers, causing a harsh hideous angle, so make sure you curl right down at the base, move up the lash a little and curl again.
Heating the curler first with your hair dryer will help the curl stay in longer, obviously the same theory as heated hair tongs and straighteners.
If you can get hold of curlers that have a rounded rubber cushion instead of the flat top type, that will help to achieve a smooth natural curl all the way up the lash.

Over to my favourite lash curler - the heated kind!
These are being made by more and more brands everyday so they are easy to find but they are about £20 or more. You also apply your mascara first then press the heated curler wand against your lashes and it moulds them with a little heat. As the mascara dries it will hold the lashes up. I find the results are less dramatic but still very effective, it's quicker, it feels safer and much more client friendly.

I actually have quite a curl in my lashes so I don't need to curl them, it also means that this test doesn't work that well but I promise it makes a massive difference to straighter lashes x

Here we have clean natural lashes...

Mascaraed lashes...

Curled with Ruby and Millie heated lash curler lashes...

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