Saturday, 5 September 2009

Hair Dye...

I've always dyed my own hair and believe you me, it's been many colours. I'm currently sporting a growing out shaved head look, so this is it's completely natural colour. Back in June the Cyprus sun warmed up my hair and gave me lovely natural highlights, I was happy about that, it didn't look too bad, until my tan faded and it started to look a little boring....

I opted not to spend £5 or more on a box dye, as my hair is so short, it would be a little ridiculous. I picked up this cute box in my local pharmacy for £1.69, love the graphics, just mix with water, 20 mins on, no peroxide, no ammonia, dark brown and far less waste of packing. I'm up for all of that!

Permanent Powder Hair Dye £1.69

You literally mix all the powder with 5 of these mini cups of water and paint it on, no smell, no mess, no time at all.

Super easy, fast and brilliant!

Okay I'd say it's a little darker than 'dark brown' but I did leave it on for about 30 mins, hopefully after a shampoo today it will lighten a little. It feels really soft and conditioned, the colour is even and I'm happy.

So it's really basic, it doesn't have a shade indicator on the box, it doesn't come with gloves and a sachet of conditioning treatment but if you're used to using hair dyes I'd recommend you try this stuff. I'll update you on how it washes and fades ... x


  1. I tried it 7 monthes ago in 'black'I havent redyed it yet but i still have full coverage with NO GREYS! My hair still looks really healthy too. At first it doesn't look that natural but after a week it does. I went into my local shopping centre in Romford and picked it up for just 99p!!!!!

  2. Aw I'm so pleased you tried it and liked it! Its a little hidden gem xxx

  3. I've just tried this dye on my hair, so easy to use - thanks!