Thursday, 10 September 2009


My mama recently picked up the new Lancome mascara Virtuose Black Carat in 24 Carats Gold Top Coat. When we saw the gold sparkles packed into the tube we couldn't resist, it looked so amazing!

It's priced at about £20.00 (6.5ml) and comes in 3 colours - Bronze, Gold and Black, we went with gold. The actual mascara Curve and Length Mascara Divine Hold, comes as a normal mascara, which is award winning, then they have added glitter to produce these Virtuose Black Carat mascaras. They are advertised to be worn alone or on top of other mascaras.

My mama told me that the glitter falls off onto her face, so I borrowed it to test it out. In day light the glitter sparkles are hard to notice but under light the sparkles are great. Wearing it alone only provides a tiny amount of glitter and not much of a mascara, it does also fall onto the face which instantly makes you look a mess.

If you apply it over a thick black mascara however, you can really load up your lashes, it looks really fun and doesn't fall down the face. Super speedy way to glam up your make up, I love it!

Also, I wear contact lenses and this mascara is fine on me, I don't get any irritation. x

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