Tuesday, 1 September 2009

My Make up Mirror...

Oooo I'm so excited, my boring make up mirror has had a face lift.
This was it not long after moving in, back in 08

I'd always dreamed of having a real make up mirror like the ones you see backstage in the dressing rooms on all those wonderful films that I love like Cabaret and Chicago. Anywhere there is make up there needs to be a mirror like this.

With a little help from me, my boyfriend made me this amazing vintage looking mirror - I can't wait to do my make up in the morning. Love him x

We picked up some new wood at the building suppliers and knocked together the frame. I found a brilliant post about a DIY wood stain, soaking some steel wool in white vinegar over night. So I coated the wood first with a basic tea wash stain then added a coat of this steel wool stain which made it a great green toned wood colour as opposed to an orange toned wood colour. We then bashed it about with a hammer and attached these old brass bulb fittings. The switch is an old brown bakelite one I picked up on ebay for about £5. Using small golf ball bulbs means the bulbs dont protrude quite as much and they look so much nicer.

I'm gonna get two more fittings, one for each side and then the switch can be moved down into the lower right hand corner, but until I find two more, this is what I have.

It's a massive improvement, I'm sure you'll agree x

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