Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Images I Love....

Edward Gorey .. ..

Mark Ryden .....

Lorretta Lux ...

Victorian post cards .....

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Purple Purple...

New Collections

Revlon Passion Fusion....

Chanel Les Noirs De Chanel...

NARS Fall 09.....

MAC Style Black....

...... and there are many more! Please try these gorgeous colours, you might like them, I really love them x

I'm wearing: NARS Revolt Lip gloss over Stila Amethyst eye liner on my lips. Stila Smudge pot in Bronze as my eye shadow base with NARS Twisted powder shadow over the top, Ruby and Millie 420p Red powder shadow through the socket, Rimmel Black pencil along the lashes, top and bottom, and Benifit Bad Gal Lash mascara.

All of which are not new products..... x

Friday, 23 October 2009


Suffering with acne prone sensitive skin means I've tried a lot of different skin care products, Eve Lom is definitely my all time favourite! It's literally brilliant, a massive improvement on all my bottles and pots of potions. After my very first use my skin felt much cleaner, brighter and more hydrated. The whole texture and tone of my skin improved within a few weeks and my oilyness seemed to be balanced. A superstar product, that cleansers, tones, exfoliates and removes make up, all in one, meaning the price is fine too when you consider how much you would spend on all these items individually. You have to love this stuff, it's so good!

The Liz Earle Cleanse and polish is a similar deal with using a hot muslin cloth to melt the cleanser away but it doesn't feel as deep cleaning, it's slightly creamier, the Eve Lom is rich and kind of oily. The Liz Earle still gives a brighting effect and has helped my skins texture, its quite a big cheaper than Eve Lom and there are a variety of products in the range that are very popular, and spoke of very highly.

I'm sure you have all heard good reviews on dermalogica, and I'm hoping they are all true. I recently received a package in the post with these lovely items in. I've not actually used it before but I often see it in my colleague kits, I also remember being told to use it on my skin by my doctor years ago. I've been using it now for two days, but I have to say, I'm impressed! The exfoliant is gentle enough to use everyday, even on sensitive skin and it does an excellent job, I will keep you posted with the outcome.


Thursday, 22 October 2009

Quick Tips for Lasting Eye Liner...

1. Stay clear of kohl pencils, these are great for smudgy smokey looks but because they are really soft, they will move around.

2. If you are using a pencil always press a matching eyeshadow on top of it, this will dry up the creamy texture of the pencil meaning it will last longer.

3. Lancome make some great waterproof pencils or you could try a sealer over the top, Illamasqua, Benefit and Make up Forever do these.

4. Try a liquid liner, MAC make Liquid Last liners which really don't budge, if you want a softer finish with these, just go over with a powder eye shadow so it's not so sharp.

5. Pop your pencil liners in the fridge for about 5 minutes, this will help their staying power.


Friday, 9 October 2009

My Advert...

Look out for this ad, it's being published soon...and yes that is my real name...should have been a showgirl x x

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Red Lips...

We all love red lipstick right?
I know some of you find it harder to wear than others, this may be due to picking the wrong tone, so here are a few things to look out for, first things first-

1. Lipstick will show up any texture on the lips so we need to get them really soft - exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate (right over the lip line as well)!

2. Apply a generous amount of lip balm and leave on for a few minutes.

3. Blot away the rest of the balm and either dust with loose face powder or dab with a concealer, this will form a good base.

4. Always apply a matching red lip pencil all over the lip first, make sure the pencil is super sharp to achieve a crisp edge. This will ensure that the colour will last longer and wears more evenly.

5. If you have concerns about bleeding you can also add a wax liner on the outer edge of your red pencil, the wax will fill in any ridges that the colour could seep into.

6. Fill in the entire lip with a brush and your chosen lipstick, take your time, keep it tidy and smooth. Using a lip brush will add longevity to your colour and perfect your application.

7. Don't press your lips together to blend them, your lips are different shapes and they will print out side the lip line. Instead smooth over with a tissue to blot then re-apply.

8. You can apply a sealer like Lipcote which you just paint on, this is fine if you don't intend to eat or drink as you tend to get little bits of product rolling off, not nice!

9. Carefully brush a little concealer along the outer edge of your lips to tidy up any mistakes.

Always carry the colour you are wearing, lipstick and pencil. A travel lip brush will ensure you don't cover everything in your make up bag in red lipstick. And of course a mirror!!

Red lips do need a little tlc throughout the day or evening, keep them tidy and fully coloured, when they look rubbish, they look really rubbish!

Top Tip for shape...
If you start at the cupids bow and draw down you will get a slightly more angular shape, if you start at the corner and draw up to the cupids bow you will create a rounder shape.

Top Tip for brush choice....
For a sharp cupids bow use an angled brush (that you would use for brows or liner) and lay it down on the lip, immediately creating your shape.

Top Tip for colours...
Cool toned skins should wear warmer orange reds (generally speaking)
Warmer toned skins should wear cooler blue reds (generally speaking)

A blue based red will make your teeth look whiter, so if you can wear one, do! x

Friday, 2 October 2009

London Fashion Week....

I assisted at the Gemma Slack show which I loved, the clothing was a beautiful mix of metal, leather, aluminium and suede.


I was on Jaimee Thomas's make up team, with 7 others...

We had 13 models to make up and each one was allocated either red, pink or orange - the above model was pink. The inspiration was the 1980's with its heavy contouring, so we applied soft brown tones of powder eyeshadow in the socket and swept it out towards the end of the brow. We dragged a darker brown under the bottom lashes and filled the brow heavily with a black grease paint, pulling the shape down the nose. The lids were packed with bright pigmented grease colour in pink, red or orange. A tiny dash of the corresponding colour was applied between the socket line and the brow, this colour was also taken high up on the cheek bone and forehead. Chanel Bronze Universel was worn on the lips and as a contour under the cheek bone and on the temple. All the models wore O.P.I The Frill of Brazil red nails.

Thanks for the opportunity Jaimee, big loves xx

Gemma Slack -

The show was presented by Blow, who also presented the Charlie Le Mindu show.....which was absolutely amazing!

Check out his work - x

The Lovebirds....

Have you heard them, you definitely should!! They're super stars, check them out at Their single launched yesterday at Rough Trade in East London, Devil Song and Ridin on the Whiskey - both excellent!
The Lovebirds - "it's a little bit country, it's a little bit rock and roll"

The beautiful Lucy Wearing is one half of the Lovebirds and was also my talented make up tutor at university, with her fingers in all the creative pies she is brilliant.

Lucy also did Paloma Faith's make up for a really cute shoot a few years ago.....

We love Paloma!
I've seen Paloma a few times now, the first time being years ago at the Black Gardinia, after a heads up from a few close friends.

My boyfriend bought tickets to see her at Scala a few weeks ago, which was brilliant, she is such a character, the performance was massive. I loved the paper birds that hung in front of her, I know the wonderful Petra Storrs does a lot of Paloma's set design so she may well have done these.....

We did actually get to meet her at her VIP after party but there wasn't time to ask about the birds..... (I was to busy starring at her beauty x)