Friday, 2 October 2009


I worked a shift in Selfridges for Illamasqua...
I'm not really a massive fan of Selfridges especially working on a make up counter within it, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. I realised there are still a hell of a lot of people who don't know about Illamasqua, it's been around for about a year so word should be spreading.

The ethos for the brand is obviously Make-up for your alter ego meaning you have free range to become somebody else, to play on your other characters. It's for the bolder, darker person hiding inside of us, a licence to explore, experiment, create and inspire.

The idea behind the brand is a 1920's Berlin, a city celebrating artistic freedom and social liberation. As Berlin's theatre and celluloid took greater risks, it felt the need for a bolder, accentuated look to match the powerful imagery. Professional make up made its entrance, and the art of making up was born. Dramatic make up became a new form of self-expression, life became a cabaret.

After working with the products in Selfridges I felt a little let down by the eyeshadows, they seem to have different pay offs, they are all super matte in finish (which is nice) but some are the colour density you'd expect and others really aren't. I'm also not sure how I feel about the all-synthetic brushes either. The fact that the pencils can be used on lips or eyes really isn't a new thing, a colour is a colour, generally you can apply anything anywhere. However, I am a massive fan of their gorgeous lashes and the intense lipglosses, Torrid (lime) and Fierce (purple) being my favourites. The pure pigments are beautiful and can be worn anywhere and everyone loves the liquid metals!

The new collection - Dystopia, looks amazing....

I have been rummaging through my non - Illamasqua products to see if I could recreate the looks or mix up products to produce the colours and textures, (simply because I can't afford any new products at the moment) and you know what...I'm tricky myself into thinking that I don't want the new collection...... However, I do have some Ruby and Millie products which are similar to the liquid metals and off course some MAC products come close ...... but It's still an amazing collection and I do love the brand ethos and the team of amazing make up artists, they are all super friendly and super skilled x

I wanted to share this video by Pixiwoo, Samantha Chapman is an amazing make up artist with unbelievable skills and talent, she does a brilliant tutorial using the Dystopia collection, Samantha doesn't work for Illamasqua but really loves their products.

Samantha and Nicola Chapman site

Definitely try these products and experiment and have fun.... you can just wash it off! x

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