Sunday, 13 December 2009

Bumble and Bumble....

Bumble and Bumble are my favourite for hair, I love all of their products and I often get my hair cut by Anthony Gabay, who is one of their lead Technical Educators.

Bumble and Bumble products are always backstage at shows and often used on editorial shoots, the Surf Spray, Sumotech and Defrizz are really popular and really great..... (I use all three on a regular basis)

I also absolutely love their Hair Powder.....

Okay, so we all know the dry shampoo theory, dry shampoos will absorb any oil in the hair allowing it to be styled as usual, they also give great volume, fullness and loads of texture. You can get hold of them in Boots for about £3.00 but they only come in one colour, white, and they can make the hair look a little chalky. So here we have the Bumble version, coloured powder.

You just spray it into the roots, leave for a few seconds then either rub and brush through or blow dry through. On short hair you can use these alone for brilliant and quick styling that lasts all day, and the colours mean you don't have any ashy or chalky effects.
Mix it up a little, wear the red on brown hair or on blonde hair for lovely rosy tints.

They are also really handy for root touch ups.

Check out the website for loads of fun, its super informative and helpful, with styling know how as well as product information, recipe cards and tons of inspiration............

and get yourself some good old fashioned Hair Powder................................................... x

I love Bumble!! x

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