Tuesday, 26 January 2010

My New Favourite Nails...

Ciate Paint Pots
These babies are amazing!!

I've started using these at work and I absolutely love them. The colour is perfectly opaque, one coat and the nails look gorgeous. The packaging is so cute, the bottle is shaped to fit in your hand, the brush is nice and long but not too thin, wonderful bows and great names!!

I'm so happy I found these, every single one that I have tried, has given me the same brilliant results, and staying powder to die for.
I will fill my kit to the brim with these!

Look at these colours.......I LOVE.....

and this........ smells delicious, remover that smells like white chocolate, it's so good, and a lovely large glass bottle x

These bottles will be all over London Fashion Week!!
I'm so excited! I LOVE CIATE! x

You can buy them online for £9.00 http://www.ciate.co.uk/index.php

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