Thursday, 7 January 2010


Okay kids lets talk about primers.....
Some people think that there is no need for a primer, in some cases there isn't, like if you're working on great skin and it only needs to last for a few photos then don't bother. But any other time, I strongly suggest a primer is used. Especially for weddings!!

There are two types of primers, both will make your make up last longer, both will slightly even out the appearance of you skin and both will act as a barrier, helping to protect your skin from the environment. They are all generally clear in colour and are easily available. The difference in the two types is that some will actually act more like a filler, to really give a super smooth effect on the skin filling in large pores, scarring and wrinkles.

Seeing as I have quite a lot of texture on my skin, for personal use, I like to use one that will fill in my pores, the best primer for this is the new Loreal Studio Secrets Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer. This really makes my skin look amazing and at £12 it's a steal!!

There are a few very popular ones which I always see backstage, firstly is the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, this is a great one, £27 for 52ml, more of a gel texture which allows it to feel super light and is available in Oil Free. This has been raved about for years now, I always have a few in my kit.

Smashbox Photo Finish is next on the list, this one is silicone based which means it feels quite slippery but gives a lovely finish to the skin, not so great for acne prone skin but it has won a few awards so people must rate it. £23 for 30ml.

Philosophy also do a good one called The Present, £16 for 56ml, I loved this for a good 3 years. It does a great job as a primer and you can also use it throughout the day to dab on any shine that pops up to instantly mattify and at night time use to on top of any night creams or treatments to help keep them on your face and not the pillow.

There are many others available but these are the ones I rate and the ones that always appear in magazines and professional make up kits x

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