Monday, 31 May 2010

Orange Lips...

Gay Geranium by NO:7, it's one of their oldest shades, making it about 75 years old - Still such a great shade, super modern.

I also picked up a Barry M Lip Paint in number 54

Nice! xx

Friday, 28 May 2010

Summer Lashes...

So now's the time to grab yourselves a waterproof mascara!

You don't want to wear a waterproof mascara all year round if you can help it, removing these can pull out lashes and we all tend to be a little rougher when removing them as they are obviously slightly harder to get off.

Always use an oil based make up remover, soak a cotton pad and hold this on the lashes, give the remover time to dissolved the mascara, then wipe down and away.

My all time favourite waterproof mascara is Max Factor Masterpiece - my eye lids are generally a little oily so I do some times get transfer marks from mascaras, wear my lashes touch the skin on my eye lid, leaving me with little dark smudges - but oh no not from this mascara.
I wear this on holiday every year and all through summer- I can exercise in it, swim in it, sunbath in it, shower in it and it doesn't budge!

Max Factor Masterpiece is about £8 from Boots, Superdrug and most supermarkets!


I'm trying out the new Loreal Renewal Lash Serum £10 - I'll keep you posted on how I'm getting on. So far it's only been 3 days, all is fine. I don't think this product is doing anything, I'll use it up though - just incase.

The tube comes with no instructions, but you basically coat the lashes from root to tip both sides, at night wear it alone, in day wear it under your mascara -easy.
(don't use this product in conjunction with a waterproof mascara, as they contradict each other)


Favourite summer lashes - MAC No:7

Not too thick, not too hot, not too heavy. Super thin band, gives a natural look, very easy to wear! Always cut the lashes down to size, I have quite small eyes and little lid space so mine are a little shorter than when first purchased.


Sunday, 23 May 2010

Launch Party...

Last week I was very kindly invited to a cocktail party to celebrate the launch of a BEST FRIENDS FOREVER FACEBOOK campaign......

It was all about the amazing results of Thermage and Fraxel - Radio-frequency technology and laser treatments - brilliant stuff, storing that information pack until I'm a little older....

The launch was great, brilliant venue, superb canapes and I got my nails done!

Great colours by Orly! I love the colour I went for, called Dazzle, the very best silver I have ever seen x

Thanks ladies, for a lovely evening xxx

Check them out on facebook -

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Expiry Dates....

I want everyone to have a rummage through their make up bags (and bathroom cabinets) and bin all products that are out of date!

If it smells unpleasant - BIN IT!
If it looks unpleasant - BIN IT!
If the colour has changed - BIN IT!
If the texture has changed - BIN IT!
If you know you have had it for ages - BIN IT!
If it's just not nice - BIN IT!

I know make up can be expensive but it's spring so have a freshen up!

There is no legal requirement for the majority of cosmetic brands to show an expiry date on the label. Over the past three years there is however, a large amount of products donning a tiny symbol of an open pot and a number, this is it's expiry date.

Generally speaking all products should be used within 3 years of leaving the factory and more natural based products obviously have less preservatives so their life span will be shorter.

How Long?
Mascara - 3-6months (Only buy one at a time, they dry up super quickly)
Foundation - 12months
Concealer - 12months (Be careful not to spread bacteria from blemishes into pots of concealer)
SPF - 12months
Moisturiser - 12months
Cream Blusher - 12-18months
Lip Gloss - 18months
Powder Blusher - 24months (Bacteria grows in moist environments, therefore powder products last longer)
Pressed Powder - 24months
Lipstick - 24months
Liners - 36months
Loose Powder - 36months

Ways to prolong your products -
1.Wash your hands before and after applying your products
2.Use brushes for application and wash these thoroughly at least twice a week
3.Keep products out of direct sunlight
4.Keep all lids tightly secured
5.Sharpening liners keeps bacteria off the surface

You could always by a little spray bottle and some 99.9% rubbing alcohol and spray all your make up products - killing all bacteria.

The health of your skin is important x

I'm in Scarlet magazine offering some advise....

I think the mag might be a little rube but it's out now xx

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Chanel..... x

Chanel Eye Shadow in GOLD 62 woooooo - Make up look to follow! x

Friday, 7 May 2010

Lily Allen....

Working with Rankin again yesterday was brilliant but so was Lily Allen! I assisting the wonderful Mr Gallimore and fell in love with her face, she has such good shapes and features, and was so good to work with, she knows exactly what she's doing - Once Elle is out I'll post it, it's the cover so you may see it first.

But for now here is a few pictures of Lily that I really like....

Andrew made her look wonderfully sexy so can't wait to see them xxxx

(All these images are courtesy of Google)

Wedding Season......

I'm available for weddings - Make up and Hair

Sci- Fi Fancy Dress.....

The VERY best Space Disco.....

Costume =
I made a bald cap - let me know if anyone wants to know how to do that - and cut out shapes form sticky back holographic plastic. I broke up a massive gem stone ring and glue gunned it to my forehead, large winged lashes from boots £6 and Laura Mercier Holographic Lip Gloss - discontinued.

Shoulder pads from John Lewis £3 sewn onto straps of a black and gold studded leotard from Topshop £4 sale, dark gold sequin material £3pm Berwick Street sewn on to shoulder pads. Hood made from cheap black material, sewn into a large loop.

My Gun - £1 random cheap shop (the post office wanted £4.95 for one!) covered in silver 3D glitter and plastic gems.

Gold Man = Mixed MAC Gold Pigment with MAC Fix Plus painted onto the skin, gold holographic glitter across eye area and bottom lip stuck on with Duo lash glue. Top lip painted black with waterproof body paint.

Loads of fun xxx