Thursday, 20 May 2010

Expiry Dates....

I want everyone to have a rummage through their make up bags (and bathroom cabinets) and bin all products that are out of date!

If it smells unpleasant - BIN IT!
If it looks unpleasant - BIN IT!
If the colour has changed - BIN IT!
If the texture has changed - BIN IT!
If you know you have had it for ages - BIN IT!
If it's just not nice - BIN IT!

I know make up can be expensive but it's spring so have a freshen up!

There is no legal requirement for the majority of cosmetic brands to show an expiry date on the label. Over the past three years there is however, a large amount of products donning a tiny symbol of an open pot and a number, this is it's expiry date.

Generally speaking all products should be used within 3 years of leaving the factory and more natural based products obviously have less preservatives so their life span will be shorter.

How Long?
Mascara - 3-6months (Only buy one at a time, they dry up super quickly)
Foundation - 12months
Concealer - 12months (Be careful not to spread bacteria from blemishes into pots of concealer)
SPF - 12months
Moisturiser - 12months
Cream Blusher - 12-18months
Lip Gloss - 18months
Powder Blusher - 24months (Bacteria grows in moist environments, therefore powder products last longer)
Pressed Powder - 24months
Lipstick - 24months
Liners - 36months
Loose Powder - 36months

Ways to prolong your products -
1.Wash your hands before and after applying your products
2.Use brushes for application and wash these thoroughly at least twice a week
3.Keep products out of direct sunlight
4.Keep all lids tightly secured
5.Sharpening liners keeps bacteria off the surface

You could always by a little spray bottle and some 99.9% rubbing alcohol and spray all your make up products - killing all bacteria.

The health of your skin is important x


  1. We should know all these by now but good to be reminded! There are lots to be binned in my collection + will make a disinfectant spray. Thanks x