Saturday, 19 June 2010

Festival Check List...

There are millions of online check lists for Glastonbury but I thought I'd add mine.

*My new grey wellies, filled with cream fleece, right down to the toes.
*5 pairs of very long socks - in different colours
*Patterned and plain leggings and tights
*Lots of random clothing including my cosy rabbit fur hat, my Indian chief headdress and my gold safari bikini
*My navy kickers - with heart stitching
*My new super short boy crop, goes great with denim and 5 days of refresh hair products
*Disposable cameras
*Vintage leather bumbag
*My new neon orange camping mirror - which you can also hang, purchased from ebay £1
*First aid kit - including blister plasters, paracetamol, berocca and safety pins
*Hand towel
*Dry shampoo and surf spray
*Straw sunhat and my new tortoise shell sunglasses
*Baby wipes, deodorant, facial wipes and strong make up remover
*Mini mouthwash, gum, manual toothbrush and paste
*Anti-bacterial gel - can be used anywhere and is great for minor cuts and grazes
*Travel pillow, tent, airbed, sleeping bag, thermals, fleece blanket
*Rain mac - this for me, is a clear emergency poncho given to me in my goody bag at my university graduation
*Mini torch
*Plastic bags for wet clothing and rubbish
*Large water container for the tent
*Mini oust spray for the loos
*Gaffa tape - great for fixing things up
*Matches, pen knife-including nail file, top coat, loo roll and cereal bars
*My 'Everything Balm' by trilogy - can be used on dry skin, lips, cuticles, protects against the elements, pop it on sores, grazes, hair and hands. Its brilliant.
*My make up bag - which is a hard vintage case so that things don't get squashed. It contains glitters, mini body paints, pigments, fix plus, a selection of bright long lasting lipsticks, Make up Forever Waterproof Pencil Liners, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser with spf 20, Stila Convertible Colour in 2 different colours, a small selection of short handled brushes, and my Nars Laguna Bronzer
*My small waterproof bathroom bag - containing a 15ml Barefoot Botanicals facial oil, Caudalie matt moisturiser (-no need to powder every second) and some sample sachets of Kiehls Creme De Corps body cream.
*Alcohol in plastic bottles

Check before leaving - fully waxed, fingers and toes are painted, facial with deep cleanse, showered and washed hair with no conditioner - this will keep hair in a dryer state for longer, an un-read issue of vogue for the car journey out on Sunday and that the phone is fully charged and has an extra battery.

Prepare to drink lots of water and to carry everything you pack from the car to camp!

Love from Le Riche x

No more posts, until I'm back, sorry x

Festival Eyes....

It's a good idea to get lash extensions for camping, it eliminates wearing and removing mascara, that equals two products less to carry, and less hassle of a dark, drunken make up removal.

Me personally, I'm planning on wearing glitter around my eyes, this could easily get caught up in the lash extensions and the removal of my make up may disturb the glue of the lash extensions and therefore pull them out. I always remove my make up anyway as I have sensitive eyes and wear contact lenses - so I'm happy without, I'm taking a waterproof mascara, in case it rains, and a bloody good make up remover!

I currently have hay-fever, so of course, I'm packing shit loads of antihistamines. Instead of packing my Hemorrhoid cream - which takes down puffiness and redness and camomile tea bags to lay on my eyes as I sleep, I'm packing my new Eye Slices. They come in a foldable travel case and can be reused about 10 times. They completely refresh and restore my eyes, they are also super cooling and soothing. The award winning slices are gel pads that you rest on your eyes for about 10mins, they help with dark circles, puffiness, irritation, wrinkles and redness. I think they are about £10, and of course reusable and no fridge is needed = perfect for camping in a field.

Bioderma Make up Remover - Packed.

Facial wipes - Packed.

Loves x

Festival Nails.....

Wear any colour and every colour!

I've opted for an O.P.I 3 week manicure. I chip my nails within a few hours of painting so these babies should last the whole festival and then some. I'm two days in and am fully intact and still super glossy!

Sad to say my manicure only lasted 1 week, it must be my nails. I'm sure O.P.I can't guarantee 3 weeks if it really doesn't last that long. I've been told to try the Bio- sculpture gels - apparently they are amazing!

Love Le Riche x

Monday, 14 June 2010

Festival Hair....

If it's short, it's easy. If it's long, it's tie-up time - simple!

To keep it looking, smelling and feeling clean whatever length, use a dry shampoo or a wash and wear product.

The best dry shampoos are -

Batiste £2, now also available in brunette and mini cans. If you have brown hair using the white version can make you hair quite matte and dull looking, opt for the brunette version £3.

Bumble and Bumble Hair Powders £24, also available in mini cans £13, and come in a verity of colours, no dullness even with the white on brown hair.


If you want to actually wash your hair at a festival, without showering - you need a wash and wear product. These products refresh and protect the hair, they are weightless and all smell lovely. You just spray the product all over, give it a little massage as if washing it, then leave it to dry.

The best wash and wear products are -

Federic Fekkai Summer Hair £19. (has been repackaged)

Bumble and Bumble Tonic £12 or a mini for £4.50.

Ojon Revitalising Mist £15


Salt sprays are also really good, as the salt absorbs the oils in the hair, it is a little drying but it's only for 5 days. They also give great beachy texture.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray £16

Label M Sea Salt Spray £12.50


Hair up-dos are great for dirty long hair, but so are wigs and hats!

Ben Cooke and Jonathan Long of Lockonego put together these looks for festival hair needing no heat tools, no hairspray and no touch ups in the loo - just a brush, dry shampoo, hair pins and a hair tie.

Festival waves

Show off luscious locks like frequent festival-goer Fearne Cotton. Jonathan Long says: “Plaiting wet hair is a great cheat. Once it’s dry un-ravel the plait to reveal lovely loose waves.

The Messy Bun

Ben Cooke says: “Give a sexy spin to this old classic. Wind your hair round and tie a loose bun with some clear elastics, then ruffle it up, pulling out strands from the top and front of your head for a softer finish.”

The Messy Plait

Ben Cooke says: “Braids, French plaits and fishtails are a big look at the moment. Leona Lewis looks great in them and they are so easy to achieve. Plait hair and then give it a good massage with both hands, to make it look less school-mistress and more wind-swept and relaxed.” Mistress.

Ponytail with Quiff

Jonathan Long says: “You love the Lady Gaga coke-cans-in-the-hair classic, but you can get a festival-friendly version quite simply. Sleep with a big roller holding the front portion of your hair, away from the hairline. In the morning, release your roller and pin a quiff in place with a neat clip or a hair pin. Tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail, and your good to go.”

Love from London x

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Susan Posnick Cosmetics....

So the whole concept of this range is that you can use it on the go, so like those multi-purpose cream products you can use on the eyes cheeks and lips and like those products with great dual ended packaging designs that mean we can carry less. (ideal for festivals)

For those reasons Susan Posnick is claiming to make beauty simple!

Lipsticks ColourEssential - (5 colours - simple, easy to choose from) - They have really gorgeous packaging, a super shiny metal looking case with a great magnet closure- I really love the magnet, you'll never loose your lid in your bag! The actually lipsticks are all packed with natural ingredients, minerals and vitamins A and E, Paracress that continually re-hydrates the lips, pomegranate which protects the lips and a blob of olive oil to really moisturise.

Mascara and Brow Gel ColourCoated - (dual ended, less to carry) - The brow gel holds out with that stiffness that you you can sometimes get. The only thing is, I'm not sure how long it would last as you only get 2.6g. The mascara is a lovely formulation, it's not too wet, so you can really build it up, it still leaves a fluttery lash effect even with multiply layers.

Concealer Pencil ColourCorrect - (dual ended and multi purpose, less to carry) - These are great for correcting, concealing and brightening. You can use these anywhere, it's always a good idea to have a few shades to play with as the skin on your face isn't the same colour all over. They are really easy to use and blend, and are a nice smooth formulation that gives build-able coverage.

The price points are great and the colour choice isn't overbearing, so it is indeed, simple beauty!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Bags and Pouches...

Everyone needs little bags and pouches for times away from home (especially festivals)......Look what I found.....

this amazing range of wonderfulness. They do a massive variety of shapes and sizing with really nice designs. Smaller ones for a few make up items, bigger ones, longer ones, ones for weekends, and ones for holidays - Oh My, I love them all!

These first two are my favourites, the weekenders fit loads and loads of stuff in, with a hook and all the compartments you could need. Cowboy Larry would be my perfect everyday make up bag, it zips inside so no falling out into my handbag. (Even some of the smaller ones have more than one compartment.)

These are great too, we shouldn't been washing out hair everyday so popping on a fabulous shower cap is ideal.

There's so many to choose from, I also love the robots x

Pack your products into lovely bags and pouches - make up, make up brushes, toiletries, hair pins and accessories, products or pens!


Check them out


Thursday, 3 June 2010

New Face Cream....

Have you seen this skincare by Andrea Garland?

Amazing range of handmade natural skincare products in lovely illustrated glass jars. If you prefer you can have the products dispensed into vintage tins- what an excellent idea, looks brilliant and is great recycling.

I've been using the Rose and Benzoin Face Cream - £18 - 60ml - and I love it!

Luxurious and hydrating Rose Maroc, skin rejuvenating Frankincense topped off with a double helping of sweet scented and softening oils Benzoin and Vanilla make this a wonderful regenerative face cream. The trio of Spilanthes acmella, an active ingredient which has been proven to restructure, firm and smooth skin, rebalancing hazelnut oil and anti oxidant rich Vitamin E add to this cream's anti-ageing ability to restore natural radiance. This all topped off with extracts of soya beans and asparagus, which help to bind moisture deeper into the skin.

I've had no break outs, no flare ups and no irritations.

It's made my skin super soft, more even and defiantly hydrated. The cream it's self leaves a slightly matte finish, which is great for me as I'm oily through my t-zone and it only smells of it's natural ingredients.

I've been wearing it daily and as a night cream all over my face neck and chest - it's beautiful.

They also have body products, bath products and obviously other skincare products -

You have to have a look at their website, it's fun -