Saturday, 5 June 2010

Bags and Pouches...

Everyone needs little bags and pouches for times away from home (especially festivals)......Look what I found.....

this amazing range of wonderfulness. They do a massive variety of shapes and sizing with really nice designs. Smaller ones for a few make up items, bigger ones, longer ones, ones for weekends, and ones for holidays - Oh My, I love them all!

These first two are my favourites, the weekenders fit loads and loads of stuff in, with a hook and all the compartments you could need. Cowboy Larry would be my perfect everyday make up bag, it zips inside so no falling out into my handbag. (Even some of the smaller ones have more than one compartment.)

These are great too, we shouldn't been washing out hair everyday so popping on a fabulous shower cap is ideal.

There's so many to choose from, I also love the robots x

Pack your products into lovely bags and pouches - make up, make up brushes, toiletries, hair pins and accessories, products or pens!


Check them out


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