Saturday, 19 June 2010

Festival Eyes....

It's a good idea to get lash extensions for camping, it eliminates wearing and removing mascara, that equals two products less to carry, and less hassle of a dark, drunken make up removal.

Me personally, I'm planning on wearing glitter around my eyes, this could easily get caught up in the lash extensions and the removal of my make up may disturb the glue of the lash extensions and therefore pull them out. I always remove my make up anyway as I have sensitive eyes and wear contact lenses - so I'm happy without, I'm taking a waterproof mascara, in case it rains, and a bloody good make up remover!

I currently have hay-fever, so of course, I'm packing shit loads of antihistamines. Instead of packing my Hemorrhoid cream - which takes down puffiness and redness and camomile tea bags to lay on my eyes as I sleep, I'm packing my new Eye Slices. They come in a foldable travel case and can be reused about 10 times. They completely refresh and restore my eyes, they are also super cooling and soothing. The award winning slices are gel pads that you rest on your eyes for about 10mins, they help with dark circles, puffiness, irritation, wrinkles and redness. I think they are about £10, and of course reusable and no fridge is needed = perfect for camping in a field.

Bioderma Make up Remover - Packed.

Facial wipes - Packed.

Loves x

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