Thursday, 3 June 2010

New Face Cream....

Have you seen this skincare by Andrea Garland?

Amazing range of handmade natural skincare products in lovely illustrated glass jars. If you prefer you can have the products dispensed into vintage tins- what an excellent idea, looks brilliant and is great recycling.

I've been using the Rose and Benzoin Face Cream - £18 - 60ml - and I love it!

Luxurious and hydrating Rose Maroc, skin rejuvenating Frankincense topped off with a double helping of sweet scented and softening oils Benzoin and Vanilla make this a wonderful regenerative face cream. The trio of Spilanthes acmella, an active ingredient which has been proven to restructure, firm and smooth skin, rebalancing hazelnut oil and anti oxidant rich Vitamin E add to this cream's anti-ageing ability to restore natural radiance. This all topped off with extracts of soya beans and asparagus, which help to bind moisture deeper into the skin.

I've had no break outs, no flare ups and no irritations.

It's made my skin super soft, more even and defiantly hydrated. The cream it's self leaves a slightly matte finish, which is great for me as I'm oily through my t-zone and it only smells of it's natural ingredients.

I've been wearing it daily and as a night cream all over my face neck and chest - it's beautiful.

They also have body products, bath products and obviously other skincare products -

You have to have a look at their website, it's fun -


  1. I have quite an oily complexion, do you think this cream would feel too heavy? I am always wary of using creams rather than gels or light lotions. It does look very pretty though.. I've never heard of benzoin.


  2. An oily skin type means that the skin is dehydrated, thats why it's producing oils, to keep in hydrated. So using a cream that is quite light isn't going to combat the problem. If you change the face cream that you use you'll need to give your skin time to adapt, so it may feel a little heavier initially but in the long run it will work out better. Andrea Garland do a lighter face cream called Lavender and Geranium, if you wanted to try that first but I find a small amount of the Rose and Benzoin works great on me.

    Hope that helps
    Loves xx

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