Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Susan Posnick Cosmetics....

So the whole concept of this range is that you can use it on the go, so like those multi-purpose cream products you can use on the eyes cheeks and lips and like those products with great dual ended packaging designs that mean we can carry less. (ideal for festivals)

For those reasons Susan Posnick is claiming to make beauty simple!

Lipsticks ColourEssential - (5 colours - simple, easy to choose from) - They have really gorgeous packaging, a super shiny metal looking case with a great magnet closure- I really love the magnet, you'll never loose your lid in your bag! The actually lipsticks are all packed with natural ingredients, minerals and vitamins A and E, Paracress that continually re-hydrates the lips, pomegranate which protects the lips and a blob of olive oil to really moisturise.

Mascara and Brow Gel ColourCoated - (dual ended, less to carry) - The brow gel holds out with that stiffness that you you can sometimes get. The only thing is, I'm not sure how long it would last as you only get 2.6g. The mascara is a lovely formulation, it's not too wet, so you can really build it up, it still leaves a fluttery lash effect even with multiply layers.

Concealer Pencil ColourCorrect - (dual ended and multi purpose, less to carry) - These are great for correcting, concealing and brightening. You can use these anywhere, it's always a good idea to have a few shades to play with as the skin on your face isn't the same colour all over. They are really easy to use and blend, and are a nice smooth formulation that gives build-able coverage.

The price points are great and the colour choice isn't overbearing, so it is indeed, simple beauty!

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