Monday, 5 July 2010

A Calvin Klein Present......

My lovely mama picked up some Calvin Klein Cosmetics for me to try, these must be discontinued items as the price is marked down, which is a great way to try other brands. I have zero experience of Calvin Klein make up so was very excited to try them, I was pleasantly surprised.

The boxes are obviously white, with the logo embossed with a black uv varnish - very nice.

The items I have are:- 207 TuTu Splendid Colour Nail Enamel - which is a lovely nude pink, colours like this barley show chipping. £3 (normally £10)

112 Orange Too Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick - which is a bright pinky orange with a tiny gold shimmer running through it. Great creamy texture and defiantly falls into my favourite lipstick shades. £3 (normally £15.50)

105 Peached Lip Definition Lip Pencil - which is very soft in texture, but that lasts really well on the lip, in a neutral plumy rose shade. It also comes with a separate pencil sharpener.£2.50 (normally £12)

The pencil itself has a high black gloss finish, the nail colour has a huge solid glass looking lid - in plastic though so it's not too heavy and the lipstick has the same black plastic casing with the large logo on the top. They all look very chic, I'm a proud owner.

Thank you Mama x x

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