Monday, 12 July 2010

Summer Feet ......

Now that feet are visible through the summer months, they need to look clean and tidy.

Get that old polish off!! Remove your nail colour as soon as it starts to chip, peel or grow out.

Once your feet are ready for summer the up keep is easy. Use a really good foot cream once a day and this will keep dry skin, cracked heels and winter cuticles at bay.

To get feet ready for summer -
Remove your colour with acetone free nail varnish remover (soak a cotton pad and hold it on the nail for a few seconds then pull off and away from your foot)

Soak your feet in warm water for 10mins. Add a little bath salts and oil to your water (The lactic acid in 1/4 cup of milk will loosen dead skin really well)

Scrub your feet and nails with a nail brush, coat the brush in body scrub first.

File your feet, you want to smooth that skin out. If you have quite a build up of skin use a metal foot file but be careful - you could be left with sore red feet and this skin will only grow back quicker and thicker to protect the skin you have just exposed.

Cut and file your toe nails. Keep the shape square, it's better for the toes and looks much more chic.

Buff the nails if you need to remove any staining or ridges.

Rinse your feet.

Massage olive oil into your feet, heels and nails.

Push cuticles down with an orange stick and remove any excess with cuticle snippers/scissors.

Apply a really good foot cream such as Flexitol Heel Balm (£4.99 Boots) - Amazing stuff!

Wipe each nail with a little nail varnish remover, this will insure you have a clean dry nail plate.

Apply a thin layer of base coat, 2 layers of colour and 1 layer of top coat. Wait for everything to dry in between layers. (Once finished leave them to dry for 20mins-if you can)

Apply a little more oil all over the foot and nails and pop them in cotton socks. This helps the products penetrate into your skin and not evaporate into the air.


You can re-apply topcoat as they wear, to keep them looking new.

- Now just apply a foot cream or olive oil once a day

If you think there is something wrong with your toe nails, get them checked out - you could very easily loose your toe nails - not so pretty!

Love your feet and paint them pretty x

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