Monday, 16 August 2010

My Avene Skincare...........

This whole band is dedicated to sensitive skins and can be purchased in large Boots stores for really great prices. For years now I've been told how amazing these products are, especially as I have very sensitive skin, but for one reason or another I have only just gotten round to trying them - and thank god I did. I love them!

So the brand is centered around Avène Thermal spring water and its soothing properties. Originating as rain, the water filters through the Cévennes Mountains absorbing precious minerals and trace elements for 40 years until it reaches the mouth of the ancient Sainte-Odile spring. Its unique composition makes Avène Thermal Spring Water ideally suited for the care and management of sensitive skin. Over 300 stringent biological, pharmacological and clinical studies on Avène Thermal Spring Water have been conducted by the Company and independent researchers to substantiate the skin soothing and anti-irritating benefits.


I've been using the Tolerance extreme Cleansing Lotion £13.95 along with the Tolerance extreme Cream £13.95. They both come in 50ml tubes that have this brilliant valve meaning that oxygen and bacteria can not get into the product and contaminate it. Preservatives also irritate the skin so these products are completely preservative free, fragrance free, paraben free and emulsifier free.

They both have very minimal ingredients, between 6 and 9 actually, and are both working wonderfully. My skin is generally less red, calmer and certainly less irritated. They feel really gentle but still give a thorough cleanse and moisturise. I'm so pleased I have these products, I highly recommend them to anyone with sensitive skin. No breakouts, flare ups, or rashes since I started on these.

I also picked up the Cleanance K Cream-gel which is for oily and blemish prone-skin. I use this once a week just to exfoliate my skin. You actually wear this like a moisturiser, so it ensure instant shine control but also exfoliates your skin throughout the day. This sort of AHA and BHA exfoliating works better for me as there is zero scrubbing - which always leads to irritation and redness. This comes in a 40ml tube for £10.

They have just launched a Body Care line which I can't wait to try.

Massive thumbs up for Avene Skincare x - Their website has LOADS of valuable and helpful information on it so have a little look and learn about your skin!

Love Le Riche x

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