Friday, 20 August 2010

Perfect Skin...

I've added this to my skincare routine, been using it at night, every single night and now its finished....I'm definitely repurchasing this product.

Barefoot Botanicals is a really lovely organic skincare company, they produce a line called Rosa Fina which is designed to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin. Within this line is an amazing product called Face and Decolletage Oil (image above) its suited to all skin types and is jam packed with essential oils and natural plant extracts.

Since using the oil my skin has drastically improved. Even my boyfriend is commenting on my 'nice glowy face'

It claims to reduce wrinkles - it does, reduce scars and rosacea - it does and firm and tone - it does.

Wonderful - I love it when a product delivers!

My skin feels and looks much happier and smoother which is a massive result for me - I haven't had smooth skin since pre teenage acne. This is also brilliant as an all year round product, its gonna repair sun damage skin and nourish that dried out winter skin.

I'm really impressed with this one and I'm desperate to get my next bottle - £26.95 for a 15ml glass bottle with droplet dispenser ........ Perfect!

Love Le Riche x

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