Monday, 25 October 2010


Helped out on a shoot for Zone7style recently, Seth has an amazing collection of vintage clothes and sunglasses....

Loves x

Wish List...

Butter Maddie Navajo Suede Booties in the sale for £100...... x

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Pretty Walls....

I love these bird cages, painted on the wall backstage.
I also found this really beautiful hand painted wall paper by Deborah Bowness.

Caravan in spitalfields, sells the above wallpaper and has this great card for itself

and I thought I should add this picture taken at the Big Chill, works really well, lampshades outside!

Love Le Riche x

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

London Fashion Week....

So sorry this is such a delayed post!

I assisted Make up Artist Shinobu for the Fearne Cotton Range at

The make up that we created was very 60's inspired. We gave all the girls a clean fresh base with pinky peach toned cheeks and lips. The eye socket was filled with a soft warm grey shadow reminiscent of the 60's. We then penciled a thick black line along the lashes and pulled that out straight, we covered this with a gorgeous duo-chrome gold green pigment.


I also assisted Shinobu for Acne at Kensington Palace.

The make up here was super minimal, only concealer where needed, a tiny amount of cream highlight on the cheekbones, balmed lips and a pinch of rosey colour on the cheeks.

The 'number one beauty product' for London Fashion Week has to the Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray -£6.36 150ml. It's great for all skin types and all the models love it! It soothes, softens and calms the skin.

Love Le Riche xx

Friday, 15 October 2010


Such fun with Make up Forever palettes, this is the standard 10 pan palette (- empty £10.75) Obviously you can pick whatever colours you like to pop into the palettes. I also have one which is currently filled with Stila eye shadow pans.

This is the beauty I really want....
So again you buy it empty (- £65.75) and fill it with 30 colours of your choice. The trays come out completely, there is also a narrow well for a few brushes.

It's so beautiful, it's just like a watercolour box! x

Make up Forever also do these magnetic tin palettes (- empty £11.50)

(Eye shadow refills are £10.75)

You can buy Make up Forever from -

Love Le Riche xx

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Love..... Shredded Books....

These are absolutely incredible..... Shredden book "Maison du Mort" sculpture by Irish artist Georgia Russell. This book was carved out very precisely with a scalpel, mounted with acrylic and encased in a vintage glass dome - insane

I love them x

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Frizz Control...

So the rainy damp days are upon us, this is guaranteed to bring frizz to out heads.
For some of us, this can be a nightmare!

I've tested this new Avon product on two different hair types to see if it really does work.
The Product is - Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield

It actually creates a anti-humidity shield which helps block out frizz producing humidity. Because this shield is water resistant it repels moisture providing you with a frizz free finish that lasts through two washes.

It's very lightweight so you don't really feel the product, it's sits somewhere between a serum and a leave in conditioner.

So I tried it on hair type number one: Quite fine dry and damaged hair with a slight natural wave. We left this to dry naturally as normal.
Results= Felt great initially but didn't seem to make that much difference once the hair was completely dry. After a shampoo the hair was definitely less frizzy that it normally is after washing.

Hair type number two: Thick hair with no natural curl that gets straightened every day. Results= Felt great initially, felt smooth after blow drying and super silky after straightening. The hair kept this finish, this shine and silkiness. Was washed and still felt great - really pleased with the results.

Take it as you will,
I'd say, definitely worth a try at £7.00!

£7. for 60ml

Tricks of the trade

• Before you shampoo, brush hair from scalp to ends to distribute oils down to the ends of hair. This helps give more even results. It also helps protect the ends of your hair that often lack moisture.

• I like to use ceramic and metal barrel brushes. The barrels are vented so it speeds up drying time, they also heat up which helps polish hair while drying for smooth silky looking results.

• Straight hair naturally appears shinier because the cuticle is smoother than curly hair. Shine serums contain silicones which help polish the cuticle for a smoother look and feel.

Love Le Riche x

Grazia Magazine...

I was assisting Ashley Ward for this shoot, we were shooting for Grazia with Hair Stylist Kerry Warn for John Frieda.

The hair was MASSIVE!

Kerry used about 5 falls on each model to create a really 60s high crown with large loose movement, they looked gorgeous.

Afternoon Tea.....

Love Le Riche x

Free Ciate Nail Varnish.........

with the November issue of Marie Claire!

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Monday, 4 October 2010

Moon Raven Designs on