Wednesday, 8 December 2010

O Christmas Time ........

I just wanted to share a few of my decorations with you ..............
(all super easy and quick to make)

My tree, unfortunately there is no way I can fit an actual Christmas tree in my flat, even a small one - I just don't have any where to put it so.... I bought some Christmas tree branches (£5 for a pack of 5) and positioned them to create a flat backed tree which fits very nicely on my window ledge. I'm just waiting for some lights and ta-da - My Tannenbaum.

Current left overs .... to make cards? x

Sunday advent candles x

Beginnings of a wreath x

Finished wreath!

Love Le Riche xx


  1. lovely mate! where did u get the xmas tree branches?? x

  2. Thanks, columbia flower market has loads and there is also a shop on cambridge heath road (just opposite The Hare pub) that has some xxx