Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Rapid Lash.... Bigger Better Lashes?.....

I just wanted to quickly post this.
I've been using the RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum for 8 weeks, as advised, and I personally haven't seen any difference. Now, I've read a lot of reviews and it seems that 50% of people using it are having amazing results and 50% haven't seen any. This is obviously to do with the condition of your lashes originally.

My lashes are naturally very curled, quite long but not very thick. I was hoping that RapidLash would make them look thicker but this hasn't happened for me. People who have poor lash condition or have damaged their lashes with extensions, picking mascara off or generally being to rough with their lashes, will probably see an improvement - either with length, thickness, fullness or strength.

I did actually have slightly swollen eyes every morning and slight reddening of the skin where I had applied RapidLash. Again these side affects seem to be happening with some people and not others. I generally have very sensitive skin so I was expecting a little irritation.

I think it's worth a go if you think your lashes aren't at their full potential. As the results are so mixed, you could be one of the people it actually really works for.

It's a shame it didn't work for me but every one's lashes are different and I know it's producing amazing results on other people and I'm sorry I can't be more specific on who it will work for.

RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum 3ml - £40.85 (from Boots)

Love Le Riche xx


  1. hey mate, i swear by this stuff!! i havent used it for a couple of months now and i miss my big lashes as they go back to normal when you stop using it. It really worked for me, my lashes, dont know if you remember them haha, are long and quite curly but not thick and the serum made them longer and proper thick!! im so suprised it didnt work for you!! maybe try the dulash one, its more natural but effective i think. xxx

  2. Ah see, proving my point. We have similar lashes yet such different results. Did you experience any stinging, swelling or redness? xxxx