Tuesday, 17 May 2011

NARS Eye Make up Remover....

The famous NARS Eye Make up Remover!
So this is a high performance, extremely mild eye make up remover that removes all types of make up including waterproof. Remember, this is for EYE MAKE UP - so yes it may feel a little to oily for the rest of your face, don't use it for that - this isn't a cleanser.

Obviously, as with any biphasic formula, you need to shake the bottle to mix the product. This actually mixes really well, really quickly. If you don't mix the product properly you may find that you are rubbing a little at your eyes - this is not necessary. Mix the product well, saturate a cotton pad and hold on the eye area for a few minutes and the make up will easily come away.

This one is truly excellent at quickly removing every last bit of waterproof mascara, so it's a great one for summer!

It also contains natural ingredients to calm irritation, such as aloe and cucumber. And It's also fine for contact lens wearers. (- I wear lenses and I prefer to remove them before I take my eye make up off whatever remover I'm using)

I would recommend using this to remove eye make up first, then cleanse the whole face with your chosen cleanser and actually go over the eye area. This will ensure there is no reside left on the lashes.

It's recently been repackaged into a clear plastic bottle, instead of the frost finish bottle - I much prefer this, it just feels much fresher and clean water like.

I always have the NARS Eye Make up Remover in my bathroom for personal use and also always in my professional make up kit, it's the best of its kind.

You can purchase it online from NARS or pop into any Space NK store. - £18 100ml

Love Le Riche x

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