Wednesday, 4 May 2011

RevitaLash...Bigger Better Lashes? Lets try again......

Dr. Brinkenhoff developed RevitaLash for his wife, Gayle, who had been suffering from breast cancer and had lost most of her eye lashes as a result of chemotherapy. RevitaLash achieved such impressive results that they agreed it should be shared. It is now the global leader in premium cosmetic eyelash enhancement products with thousands of fans around the world.

Now my lashes are naturally very curled, quite long but not very thick. I was hoping that RevitaLash would make them look thicker and longer. People who have poor lash condition or have damaged their lashes with extensions, picking mascara off or generally being to rough with their lashes, will probably see an improvement - either with length, thickness, fullness or strength.

I found that this product did work for me, up to a certain point, my lashes looked a little darker and stronger with no side effects - which was great. After 4 weeks though, I did feel like my lashes were just going a little crazy. I had some laying the wrong way, some poking straight down, one really long one right in the middle and a few criss crossing at the base. This actually made it incredibly hard to apply mascara and organise them - it took me ages in the morning and without mascara they just looked messy.

If you feel there is space for improvement with your own lashes then definitely give this a go. The results are so mixed, you could be one of the people it actually really works for.

They also do a brow product, a hair product and a mascara!

RevitaLash is priced at £97 (4.1ml) and you can visit or call 01209617146 for your nearest stockist.

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Love Le Riche xx

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