Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Glastonbury Glastonbury.....

This year, it's raining. I know it does normally rain at Glastonbury but last year, my first year, it was amazingly sunny - I was happy. This year, It's raining..... a lot, I'm not happy!

I've added a rain mac, and some wigs (great way to keep hair dry) to my Festival Check List

Also, some glitter spray, which is only about £2 instead of my MAC glitters from my kit which are about £18.

I've packed these great Tattoo Pens by Stargazer, to decorate my face and hopefully they will stay put in the rain, so I don't have to re-do my make up. I got mine for £2 in a lovely bright turquoise.

I'm also taking my new discovery of Amplex Breath Freshening Capsules, I'm not keen on mint, especially chewing gum, so these little things are great, they work really well yet aren't over poweringly minty. They work from right down in your stomach providing you with long lasting fresh breath and care for your teeth a the same time.

Amplex also do a natural alcohol free deodorant, for only £1!

Alcohol free, anti-stain, non sting formula containing aloe vera, making them perfect for sensitive summer skin!

This is my new handbag favourite, the Tisserand Head Clear Roller Ball £5.25. It's a saviour in the mornings of hangover and stuffy tents.

As it's raining so much I'm planning to take less, mainly as I'm thinking things will get damaged or they may potentially float away on a river of rain.

Wish me luck....

Love Le Riche x

Glastonbury Cheeks....

Cheek tints are the way to go for quick easy fun lasting cheek colour.
Urban Decay have these great After Glow Glide On Cheek Tints which give you a sheer wash of colour that buff into the skin like a stain, great for summer. £15

I love Bang, Quickie and Crush - the brightest ones! x

Glastonbury Eyes....

These Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liners are a great way to jazz up your eye make up with out any mess or playing about with glue and pots of loose glitter. They paint on like a liner, set and last for hours, you can also build up the layers for a more intense look. The colours are gorgeous and you can even layer them over mascara for crazy lashes.

They work best over eye shadow or liner, just so they have a base to really sit on, I'd use them over a black pencil liner so they really stand out. £13

Urban Decay also do these amazing 24/7 Shadow Pencils, which come in all different colours, they last really well on the lid, they glide on smoothly, and can be applied so quickly and so easily. They blend, so you can create a smokey eye, in any colour, in a matter of seconds.
My favourite colours are Mercury - a metallic gunmetal and Wasteland - a gorgeous matt brown. Some have glitter, some have shimmer, some are more satin.
Once these beauties set they are WATERPROOF! £10

This is a great liner look that you can achieved with a simple black pencil x

Love Le Riche x

Glastonbury Hair....

My hair is still pretty short, I'm planning to wear colourful head wraps.....

How amazing does she look x

and maybe a crown plait, if my hair will reach....

I've decided that I prefer the Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle Extract £7.50, I was using the Oat Milk version but this one is designed for oily hair so it feels like it last a little longer for me. Anyway, I love them both x

Love Le Riche x

Glastonbury Nails....

I never wear these colours so I'm going to try them out at Glastonbury x
They are both really fun colours, Green #5 and Blue #6 both by nailgirls £10.50 - www.nailgirls.co.uk

Lovely polishes, great opacity and really long lasting


Sunday, 12 June 2011

Current Favourite Product.....Cream Blusher!

In particular the Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Rude

I'm currently obsessed with this blush, I love the warm coral pinky colour, the gorgeous sheen it gives and the sleek black packaging.

The finish is much glossier than say a NARS or MAC cream blush and for me it feels a little lighter on the skin. It's pretty wet and slippy in feel so I tent to use a natural bristled brush so I don't pick up to much product. The colour is a sheer glow which gives the appearance of a highlighted cheek bone with the colour wash on the cheek area.

Great for super fair skins right through to tanned skins, will also look great on darker skins but will just be more of a sheeny glossy highlight with a little less colour.

The colour is one that I'm always drawn to, especially in the make up world, it's a modern take on the ever so popular pinks and suits every single skin tone and hair colour. It's great as a lip colour also, much more flattering than these mauve pinks lots of women wear.

These three here are similar, you could also mix a few together. Top one is Barry M's Peachy Pink, then MAC Costa Chic and MAC Vegas Volt

I found a few items in my kit that are similar shades, just so you get a feel for the colour.

MAC O-J Pencil

MAC Pigment in Neo-orange (pro product)

Lancome Eye Shadow (Discontinued)

Stila Convertible Colour in Lilium

Cream blushers always look great in the sun (....unless you have oily skin)
Great for the summer with a super bright lip and a large hat.

The only downfall with the Illamasqua product is - The shade name rubs off the back!

£16.50 at illamasqua.com

Love Le Riche x

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Friday, 10 June 2011

A Rankin Collaboration with Rolls Royce.....

Once again, I was lucky enough to work on an amazing project assisting Andrew Gallimore. The project is a collection of one hundred images to celebrate one hundred years of the Spirit of Ecstasy. The unique collection of portraits will be shown exclusively at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars events and dealerships thought out 2011.

More images will be added to the exhibition so look out for them as well!

Love Le Riche x

Hair Updo...

I really love this little updo on Kate Bosworth.
Nice way to jazz up a top knot - loosely french plait the back, starting at the nape of the neck, working up towards your forehead.
Twist the ends into a bun and pin to secure.
Light mist of Tigi Catwalk Hair spray and you're done.

Really sweet, elegant and easy
Great for summer sun!

Quick Tip...

Milk removes hair dye stains from the skin!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Faking a Tan With XEN -TAN....

Summer is here, skin is on show, make it look it's best - come on girls, get on with it!

XEN- TAN have a great product range and a huge celebrity following, so of course I jumped on board!
Tested out their FACE TANNER LUXE and I'm very pleased - £19.99 80ml - www.xen-tan.co.uk

This shot was taken just before the recent summer sun had broken through, so this is me at my winter palest. Although pale, I'm very yellow toned, which means I like to use green based tanning and bronzing products.

The FACE TANNER LUXE comes in a really squeezable tube, making it much easier to use every last bit. The packaging looks fresh and summery with a premium feel plus a splash of fun - come on it, it has shiny gold letters, shiny gold letters are always fun.

On application the product is a thick matt texture, an olive green colour and a really smooth feel, it covers the skin evenly and easily.
This one develops over 3 hours, which is great for me as I don't actually like to sleep in my fake tan, I prefer to keep an eye on it.

The smell is of vanilla fudge - amazing, and once on the skin the pleasant smell lingers like a body lotion. My boyfriend thinks I've just applied a creamy vanilla scented body cream, tricking him always makes the product a winner. There is no hint of a fake tan smell......at all, at many point! !

The face tanner gives you a sheer instant colour, so you can wear this under your make up and it will smooth and soothing the skin whilst adding colour.

Fake tans often make me breakout, this one doesn't so anyone concerned with breakouts, try this one. Sensitive skins Note - Never use a body product on your face.

I recommend using a mitt, not latex gloves, with any fake tan product, seriously, why would you not, they make it so much quicker and easier, I promise. You can get these from XEN-TAN or most chemists for under a fiver.
The Body Version of this product will last on your skin for a week! But keep fake tan looking fresh, moisturise everyday after application - you should be doing this anyway.........but I know some of you get a little lazy.....

Suitable for all skin tones but make sure you check out the website incase there is a more suitable product for you.

! This does not contain a sunscreen !
! Always wash your hand after applying, you will look ridiculous other wise !

This is a hands down winner for me - XEN-TAN FACE TANNER LUXE

£19.99 80ml - www.xen-tan.co.uk

Love Le Riche x

Monday, 6 June 2011


This is a must-have for summer, no question!

I've loved it for years and I'm not bored of it yet.
...NARS Body Glow...

It's in my kit, in my beach bag and in my bathroom, this product just gives the most amazing look to the skin. It's packed with golden shimmer but wears on the skin like a really natural 'fresh out the sun' look and feel. It's a sheer bronze finish that looks like skin not make up and intensely moisturises at the same time.

It's a unique blend of Monoï de Tahiti oil combined with a rich chocolate shimmer for glowing, healthy and naturally fragrant skin.
Native to the South Pacific, Monoï de Tahiti oil is composed of pure coconut extract macerated with the bud of the tiare flower, infusing the oil with nutrients as well as a delicate, natural fragrance.

The smell is incredible, I love the smell of Monoi!!

All skin tones could wear this, so no excuses for never trying it

No stickiness, no heaviness just gorgeous summer skin!

(The Body Glow naturally solidifys at 72 °F, just warm it in your hands or run it under a hot tap)

!NARS Body Glow contains no sunscreen, this is not a tanning product!

You can purchase it online from NARS or pop into any Space NK store - £44 120ml

Love Le Riche x

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Britain's Got Talent...

Jessie's trailer - Andrew Gallimore did a brilliant job of her gob - hope you all saw it!
I'm sure no one really saw the dancers and band that Helena and I did, as it was pretty dark but we did do them, promise!

Matt red lips - MAC Ruby Woo
Big black smokey eyes using - MAC Black Track

I took a sneaky picture during rehearsals.....then got told off, oops

Love Le Riche x