Sunday, 5 June 2011

Assisting on Italian Vogue....

Roberta and I, assisting Andrew of course, Lyndell on Hair with her team, and the rest of the crew headed to the south coast for a few days to shoot with Photographer Phil Poynter...

I love a good winnebago, the make up tents, the whole being on location is great!

FACT: The make up team is kind of expected to have everything, especially on location. Pack SPF for models, yourself and any idiots who may have forgotten that they are shooting outside. Anti histamines in tablet or cream form are helpful, a few plasters, safety pins, straws, a hat/head scarf, sunglasses, alcohol hand gel, paracetamol and aftersun.

Take make up products that don't melt, products that set.
And remember you can't use loose powder on location if it's windy!

Here's a clue to the shoot....

..... look out for it in Vogue Italia

Love Le Riche x

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