Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Faking a Tan With XEN -TAN....

Summer is here, skin is on show, make it look it's best - come on girls, get on with it!

XEN- TAN have a great product range and a huge celebrity following, so of course I jumped on board!
Tested out their FACE TANNER LUXE and I'm very pleased - £19.99 80ml - www.xen-tan.co.uk

This shot was taken just before the recent summer sun had broken through, so this is me at my winter palest. Although pale, I'm very yellow toned, which means I like to use green based tanning and bronzing products.

The FACE TANNER LUXE comes in a really squeezable tube, making it much easier to use every last bit. The packaging looks fresh and summery with a premium feel plus a splash of fun - come on it, it has shiny gold letters, shiny gold letters are always fun.

On application the product is a thick matt texture, an olive green colour and a really smooth feel, it covers the skin evenly and easily.
This one develops over 3 hours, which is great for me as I don't actually like to sleep in my fake tan, I prefer to keep an eye on it.

The smell is of vanilla fudge - amazing, and once on the skin the pleasant smell lingers like a body lotion. My boyfriend thinks I've just applied a creamy vanilla scented body cream, tricking him always makes the product a winner. There is no hint of a fake tan smell......at all, at many point! !

The face tanner gives you a sheer instant colour, so you can wear this under your make up and it will smooth and soothing the skin whilst adding colour.

Fake tans often make me breakout, this one doesn't so anyone concerned with breakouts, try this one. Sensitive skins Note - Never use a body product on your face.

I recommend using a mitt, not latex gloves, with any fake tan product, seriously, why would you not, they make it so much quicker and easier, I promise. You can get these from XEN-TAN or most chemists for under a fiver.
The Body Version of this product will last on your skin for a week! But keep fake tan looking fresh, moisturise everyday after application - you should be doing this anyway.........but I know some of you get a little lazy.....

Suitable for all skin tones but make sure you check out the website incase there is a more suitable product for you.

! This does not contain a sunscreen !
! Always wash your hand after applying, you will look ridiculous other wise !

This is a hands down winner for me - XEN-TAN FACE TANNER LUXE

£19.99 80ml - www.xen-tan.co.uk

Love Le Riche x

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  1. It looks great, thanks for your review! :) I love your haircolor btw!