Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Glastonbury Glastonbury.....

This year, it's raining. I know it does normally rain at Glastonbury but last year, my first year, it was amazingly sunny - I was happy. This year, It's raining..... a lot, I'm not happy!

I've added a rain mac, and some wigs (great way to keep hair dry) to my Festival Check List

Also, some glitter spray, which is only about £2 instead of my MAC glitters from my kit which are about £18.

I've packed these great Tattoo Pens by Stargazer, to decorate my face and hopefully they will stay put in the rain, so I don't have to re-do my make up. I got mine for £2 in a lovely bright turquoise.

I'm also taking my new discovery of Amplex Breath Freshening Capsules, I'm not keen on mint, especially chewing gum, so these little things are great, they work really well yet aren't over poweringly minty. They work from right down in your stomach providing you with long lasting fresh breath and care for your teeth a the same time.

Amplex also do a natural alcohol free deodorant, for only £1!

Alcohol free, anti-stain, non sting formula containing aloe vera, making them perfect for sensitive summer skin!

This is my new handbag favourite, the Tisserand Head Clear Roller Ball £5.25. It's a saviour in the mornings of hangover and stuffy tents.

As it's raining so much I'm planning to take less, mainly as I'm thinking things will get damaged or they may potentially float away on a river of rain.

Wish me luck....

Love Le Riche x

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