Thursday, 7 July 2011

Hair Removal at Home?....

Oh, I'm so sick of the pulava that is hair removal.
I'm not interested in the down time that goes hand in hand with waxing, I'm not interested in the skin irritation that goes hand in hand with hair removal creams (or the smell!)
Shaving is fine for me, I've found my perfect razor, I have packets at a time but still I don't want to bother, I have to do it oh so often, I can never do it in a rush or in any other location other that the shower.

It's a bit of a nightmare for me........

So I've got my hands on the Boots Smooth Skin IPL Hair Reduction System.
These 'at home' kits, currently have mixed reviews, so I'm going to try this one out and let you know how it goes. 
I'm sure it will provide different results for different skin and hair types as does laser in a salon.
But for reference I have olive skin and dark hairs - hopefully this means I'll get good results.

I'm letting you know about not, not after the review as it currently has £50 off plus a further £30 off if you use the code SMOOTH30 at

This offer ends the 11th July 
Discounted price is - £251.90 

Check it out!

Love Le Riche x


  1. I asked a friend that works for a laser hair removal Toronto clinic if such a device could provide good results.. He explained me that this can work but the person that will do the treatment must know which are the risks and also how to use the device properly, because it this isn't used properly it can be very dangerous.

  2. Thank you so much for your information, I'll do some research before I use it x