Tuesday, 12 July 2011

One Day Tan..... By He-Shi

He-Shi One Day Tan

Wash Off Tinted Bronzing Gel 

These wash off gel tan products are simply such a great invention, He-Shi has launched theirs and its no different.

I love the gel formula of these types of products, they work great for adding a sheer glow just to perk up the skin. The super light gel means it works well under make up, it wont feel like you have layers of products on and they are great for slightly oily skins. Can be worn alone or under make up, great for summer. Remember the face is generally always lighter than the body so this is a great one to match that back up or just to make your foundation a tiny bit darker. 

You can use this all over the face and body, male or female.
Although it's name may suggest that it has a shimmer or 'bronzing' quality to it, it actually doesn't contain any shimmer - it's a sheer matt golden tan which will enhance your natural tones. 

Non- sticky, super quick drying, so easy to apply, completely fool proof and helpfully moisturising. 

It has a light fruity smell on application, once it's dry the fragrance is very minimal. The One Day Tan does not contain any active tanning ingredients so can be washed off at the end of each day. It’s a perfect temporary tanning solution for those last minute dates and special occasions,  and it looks great on the legs!

Suitable for all skin types 

£14.50 Available from he-shi and Harvey Nichols

    Love Le Riche x

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