Friday, 19 August 2011

Natural Hair Care....

I've talked about this brand before, and I still use their products, still love their products and think they are a great brands that more people should know about. 

Klorane is a french brand that is now one of the most sold hair care brands in European pharmacies. When I see it in pharmacies I get really excited and stock up. 

Their motto is Plant-based haircare: Pure and Proven. 
Which I totally agree with, their products are sodium chloride, silicone and sulfate free so everything is gentle yet effective. I use their dry shampoo, for me and for my kit, they also do a great variety of shampoos and conditions for all hair types. 

I've been using the shampoo and conditioner for Colour Treated Hair which contains Pomegranate. It smell lovely, it feels lovely and makes my hair lovely.

Their pomegranate is grown in Morocco, where from its peel, they obtain an extract naturally rich in tannins that binds the color onto the keratin and prevents color from fading. The effectiveness of their pomegranate has been scientifically proven and patented: hair color lasts on average twice as long.

It claims to give longer lasting colour, repair, protect and enhance colour. Which it does! My hair feels soft yet not like its going to be greasy the next day, every time I wash my hair it feels like I'm giving it a treatment. 

Check out their website, I might try the Almond Shampoo next. 
Klorane is often sold in Pharmacies so look out for it, great price point £6 200ml Shampoo. And at John Lewis. 

I've been asked to share these videos with you guys. They are pretty helpful, quick and easy with Hairstylist Laura Solari.

Let me know what you think, hope they are helpful

Love Le Riche x

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