Monday, 21 November 2011

AVON Calling...

You may have noticed that AVON seem to be popping up every where at the moment, and launching some great new products, does this mean AVON is back?

I know they recently added Sam and Nicola Chapman (Pixiwoo) to their 'Professional Make up Artist Team' which also includes Jackie Tyson and Liz Pugh. 

And I know that they have some lovely products, which I do have in my kit. So wishing all the best to AVON and the team, keep it coming!

Also, Alesha Dixon has just been named the 'Beauty and Empowerment Ambassador for 2012', so will be appearing in the catalogue and launching a new range of make up. Alesha will act as spokeswoman for Avon’s make-up category and it's domestic violence cause.

Avon UK has donated over £500,000 to its domestic violence charity partners Refuge, Women’s Aid and UN WOMEN, to help end violence against women and Alesha will look to help increase that figure next year by promoting Avon’s Empowerment product.

@Avon_UK on Twitter for launches, product info, any questions etc! 

Love Le Riche x

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