Friday, 11 November 2011

CARMEX Have New Lip Balms...With Tints!

So it's still the great formula but now CARMEX Lip Balms are available in Moisture Plus Sheer Pink, Sheer Peach, and a Clear Satin Gloss Finish. I do believe a Sheer Plum and Sheer Berry will also be available soon.
I have to say, I prefer the packaging, I hate putting my finger in little pots when I'm on the go or in town, it just feels a bit grubby.

I've tried all three pictured here, and they give lovely colours, very soft and natural but my favourite is the Sheer Peach! They smell of vanilla by the way, it's not a sickly sweet scent, great or anytime of the day.

I have one in my bathroom, one by my bed and one in my bag, I always put lip balm on first thing, then by the time I get to put lipstick on they are nice and moisturised.


You can get hold of CARMEX pretty much anywhere and the new Moisture Plus Sheer Tints are priced at £4.49

Love Le Riche x

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