Monday, 21 November 2011

Current Favourite Lipstick.....

This is founder and creative director of Lime Crime, Doe DeereLos Angeles-based makeup artist & blogger she teamed up with a group of chemists to create the kind of makeup she's always dreamed of -- bold, magical, alive! and no doubt you have seen these visuals flying around.

The wonderfully colourful range currently consists of Lipsticks, Eye Shadow Pigments, a great Primer (reviewed here) and the very recent addition of Lip Glosses. 

I picked up a Lime Crime lipstick in Space NK months ago,  I went for 'Airborne Unicorn' which is described online as being a - Medium violet-purple lipstick with a neon note. Hue as mysterious as the animal itself. Full coverage on all complexions, from super-pale to extra-dark. This color combines lipstick and lip stain for prolonged wear.

As you can see the packaging is super cute.....yes that is a holographic unicorn you can see, amazing!
It's really nice actually, to have a fun lipstick case to pull out of your bag.
Unfortunately the bottom half of my unicorn has now completely disappeared from me using it everyday, for months.

It's actually a tad more lilac than the above picture is showing so I've added this snap also - it's the darker one out of the two. And just for a comparison the lighter milkier shade is Barry M Palest Lavender - which is just too pale on my lips.

The lipstick itself is very creamy and soft, it's a solid opaque colour, which great colour pay off. As it wears off it does change colour slightly, to a more pinkie violet, this is fine for me, I just reapply after eating. 

You might be able to tell in the last picture here - 


The bullet is a little soft so go gentle when applying, only ever turn the lipstick up just enough to use and you can always pop it in the fridge over night if you need to. 

I literally love it and have had it on pretty much every day, sometimes I wear a liner with it just to sharpen the edges, I have an eyeliner which is a perfect colour match. 

I have one in my kit, which I have used on a whole host of skin tones, any complexion could wear this, it has just the right amount of punch!

I feel like it's my 'all time' favourite ever..........I can't think about wearing anything else haha

'Airborne Unicorn' £15 from Space Nk
Lime Crime online
Lime Crime on Twitter

Lime Crime Love, Love Le Riche x

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