Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Hair Update....With Hair Dye!

My last 'Hair Update' post was nearly 5 months ago, it saddens me to think of the lack of growth in 5 months, 5 months is a long time and my hair looks like it's the same length. I've had two very tiny trims, piled on the hair masks, treatments, oils and begged for it to grow. Taken vitamins, tried and tested shampoos, conditioners, hair brushes and pillow cases.

I'm so very bored of my rubbish, slow growing hair.


I've discovered a lovely new hair colour though, so here I shall speak about that!

It's the AVON Advance Techniques Professional Hair Colour in 6.56 Light Mahogany Red.

It's actually a really nice hair colourant, they provide you with a 'Pre' packet which primes and protects your hair ready for the colour. Smells great, just like fruit and leaves me with a lovely smooth even colour. Im really pleased with it, I'm on my 5th box!

My hair colour before (it's a flat dull yellow auburn)

Now it's a lovely rich Light Mahogany Red


Obviously, they do many other colours so take your pick.
At avonshop they are all currently £5 per box!

If you follow this link there is also a whole host of helpful info on the colours, tips, advise, videos etc etc

As always, ask me anything

Love Le Riche x


  1. I am an avon rep and I resonally use the same shade as you have reviewed here, Light Mahogany Red, I absolutely LOVE it!!!! It is a wonderful product, it is not anywhere near as harsh on your haire as some other leading brands. I hope that you growth continues - have you tried ~Indian Head Massages???? My sister had them after she had her head shaved for brain surgery and really felt the benefits of it. Anyway, glad to heat that you are so happy with the avon product..............and have a good day, x Laura, Coventry, UK

  2. Aw thanks for the advise, I'll book one in and see how it goes xx