Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Konjac Sponges....


Here comes another goody to add to your skincare routine.
The Konjac Sponge

These sponges are totally earth friendly vegetable fibre and will cleanse your skin while gently balancing it's natural pH levels. 

You can just use your normal cleanser on the 'Pure' Konjac sponge or go for a Konjac sponge with 'Added French Clay' (actually, you can add cleanser to these too but they are great an their own)

This particular one is designed for babies, but they all come in these little moisture packets. It feels really bouncy! 

So all the sponges are - 
100% Natural Sponge
100% Colouring Free and 100% Additive Free
100% Biodegradable
They are pH Balanced, naturally deep cleansing, environmentally safe, and perfect for hypersensitive skin and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

I hear you- 'what's a Konjac?' - well it's a potato, native to Asia!
Konjac potatoes are cultivated for food in Japan and Korea, but wild forms grow naturally in many parts of China, Korea and Japan. Frequently growing wild at very high altitude, thus being very pure and pollutant free. 

The Japanese have been eating Konjac for over 1500 years and it was originally introduced to Japan as a medicine in the sixth century as it was recognised for it's health giving properties. So today we are using Konjac to also cleanse and gently exfoliate our skin.

The Konjac Sponge Company do a sponge with 'Added French Green Clay' For Normal to Oily Skin and an 'Added French Red Clay' For Dry and Sensitive Skin.

I went for the one with 'Added French Pink Clay' - For Tired and Devitalized Skin.
Perfect for sensitive easily irritated hypersensitive skin. It helps to turn rough and hardened skin into soft and radiant skin, rejuvenating and plumping. Excellent for skin that has had lots of sun exposure, hard weather or central heating - amazing on winter skins.

As you can see this one is domed, the flat bottom section feels slightly thicker, a little rougher, this is great for areas of your skin that might need a little more work, like around the nose, the chin etc. It has no smell and is ready to use straight after a rinse. 

The funny thing is, it actually feels like it has cleanser in it and that you would wash it all out, but it hasn't, it's just the texture and the sound. 

After use, you just hang it up, it holds 10 times it's weight in water so just give it a little squeeze. The sponge will shrink in size and harden once it's dry, to reuse you just need to dehydrate it in warm water, I just hold mine in under the shower. 

What it does for the skin - Well, it gently massages the skin stimulating blood flow for new cell growth, it exfoliates and provides a deep cleanse, it even removes make up. It really does leave your skin feeling refreshed, clean and calm. 

My skin looks brighter and more awake. I'm also using the sponges on models (with no cleanser) for a fresher complexion and then using the 'Baby Sponge' to apply make up, which gives me a gorgeous base. So my kit is packed with these!
(boil the sponge for a few mins if you feel like you need to sterilize it)

I was very pleased when I saw the Konjac Sponges being sold in 'The Garden Pharmacy', all lined up in their squishy packets. 

You can get them from The Konjac Sponge Company online or Liberty's and Harvey Nichols are now selling them, and I've seen them in a few fancy Pharmacies too!

Prices are about £6 per sponge, and one should last you about 3 months

They are 100% natural, they are completely environmentally friendly, and biodegradable.

Well done Konjac Sponge Company, I love!!
Love Le Riche x

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