Monday, 28 November 2011

A Little Extra...

During winter my skin gets dry, my nails get brittle, I eat too much, I do less exercise and generally feel a little rubbish, I know this is the same for many people but I thought this year I would try to keep spirits high, and take a daily multivitamin. 

I've been taking Ultra Woman from Holland and Barrett for about a month now and I do really feel they are helping, my nails are growing like mad, I'm hoping my hair is growing faster to. I feel more balanced, my workouts are great, and I even feel okay about getting out of bed early! 

This is what they say - H&B Ultra Woman is a full spectrum multi-nutrient to meet women's daily needs and to support bone strength, the immune system, nervous system and heart health. The synergistic blend of essential nutrients supports energy metabolism, vibrant skin, healthy hair and nails and provides nourishment for the stress of daily living. H&B Ultra Woman also offers antioxidant protection from free radicals.

£10.35 for 100 caplets 
and of course there is an Ultra Man

Love Le Riche x

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