Friday, 11 November 2011

Nails for Males...

ORLY do some really great products that can make manicures super quick and easy, perfect for guys! 

Clip and file them into shape. 
This is my favourite board, its a 180 Grit Board for fast filing and shaping. Its super slim, I love it.

Cutique - is a cuticle and stain remover, it gentle removes dead tissue and makes cuticles soft and pliable.                                         
  • Apply it the cuticles and surrounding area, (can be messy) and leave for 30 seconds (ish)
  • Using an orange stick (or your other nail) push down the nail into the cuticle and down the sides.
Wash hands in warm water, you can give them a little scrub with a nail brush if you wish.

You can either buff the nails with Double-Time Shine, as you would buff a shoe, to give you a smooth shine....

Or you could apply Nails For Males which is a matte finish which will also protect the nails.

A dab of Hand Cream and you're done! 

This one is a non-greasy formula which contains shea and cocoa butters, aloe vera and vitamins A & E to promote healing and nourish skin.  

See, super easy and super fast, no one should have rubbish nails!

You can see all the ORLY products here and buy them online here (with free next day delivery)

Thanks for reading x

Love Le Riche x

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