Monday, 28 November 2011

Stocked Up On Organic....

Have you seen Dr.Organic skincare, it's a great vast organic range at really reasonable prices, so if this is your thing, then you need to know about it.

I've tried quite a few of their products now, I've been pleased with every one.

They also just won this - Beauty Insiders' Choice Winners! The 2011 Glosscars: Face and Body
Best New Brand - Dr Organic

They have nine different lines within the brand, obviously all with different benefits, so there is something for everyone, you can pick and choose what works best for you.

This time round, I've gone for a whole routine of Dr.Organic products and mixed through the different lines.

Vitamin E Body Wash - Restoring and hydrating

 Rose Otto Body Scrub - Toning and Anti-ageing (great on covered winter skin)

 Royal Jelly Cellulite Cream - Skin Regeneration (lovely for the thighs, leaves a tingling firming feeling)

Vitamin E Body Butter - as above (used on the rest of my body)

Manuka Honey Hand and Nail Cream - Moisturising and repairing (always in my hand bag)

There are currently lots of offers on at Holland and Barrett on Dr Organics so have a look there if you fancy it!

Organic ingredients

We strive to use organically grown ingredients. Where an organic ingredient cannot be used we will always source sustainable natural alternatives.

Bioactive ingredients

We use certified bioactive extracts to ensure each product is truly functional by nature.

Natural ingredients

Natural ingredients are used in all formulations.

No harsh chemicals

We do not use ingredients often criticised for their side effects.We never use parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), perfumes or artificial fragrances.

No animal ingredients

All our products are suitable for vegetarians. In some products we used by-products from animals, most of which revolve around honey, these include; honey, royal jelly, propolis and bees wax. We also use milk protein in our conditioners.

No animal testing

Our products are always tested on human volunteers to ensure they are completely safe and effective.No animal tests are ever performed on finished products or raw materials.

No mineral oils

Petro-chemicals such as paraffin and petrolium are avoided, plant based oils and extracts are used.

No GM ingredients

Genetically modified or genetically engineered organisms are avoided to ensure all formulations are as natural as possible.


Where necessary preservatives are used to guarantee product safety and shelf life. Only the highest grade broad spectrum naturally derived preservatives are used.

Love Le Riche x

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