Monday, 14 November 2011

Topshop Make Up...

Back in May Make up Artist Hannah Murray launched a cosmetics line into TOPSHOP, it's been very popular with it's cute graphics and illustrations. 
Above is the visual for the current Limited Edition A/W Collection Smoke and Mirrors which I just love, I think it's more to do with a slight girl crush on Model, Charlotte Free but either way the collection looks great. 

As I have an obsession with cream blush, I picked up two from the range, these are available all the time, they're not limited edition but you will probably wanna get your hands on them if you can.

£10 each 8g
They're both great for shoots as they look like very minimal product but give an amazing sheen under the lights.


First up is Luminescence, which is a lovely soft slightly dusky golden pink. 
As you can see, it's very sheer and leaves this natural gorgeous pinky sheen, it's a great highlighter.

Next I picked up Ray, which is the perfect bronze, again it's very sheer, very easy to wear, and great as a highlighter, this one is lovely on slightly darker skin tones. 


You can use these anyway you fancy, on the body, lips, cheeks, as highlight, or as blush. Keep them off your eyes though, just to be safe. 
They seem to be unscented which is fine by me and are definitely going into my kit!

Great price too, you can purchase them here or, of course pop into TOPSHOP.

Love Le Riche x

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