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Oooo I've just seen Catwalk by TIGI's SS12 Trend Overview!

So what's the plan for our summer hair?

The 2012 London Olympics obviously haven't stared yet but apparently the anticipation of this global sporting occasion together with a futuristic mood has had a huge influence on the shows of SS12.

Here's what I've heard -
Sport Tech is very much in fashions' DNA this season with designers from Versus to Helmet Lang describing an athletic modern theme.
The Look - Streamlined styles, wet looks, aerodynamic finishes.
KEY PRODUCTS - Catwalk by TIGI Session Series Wet Look Gel and True Wax

Versus @MFW - Hair by Paul Hanlon and TIGI Creative Team

 Faster by Mark Fast @NYFW - Hair by Nick Irwin and TIGI Creative Team

Retro-Spective, for a new riff on the past, designers looked to key style decades from the last century to re-interpret iconic looks. The 1920's provided a deep vault of ideas with art deco design details.
The Look - Roller set hairstyles, cartoonish quiffs, rough textures.
KEY PRODUCTS - Catwalk by TIGI Session Series Transforming Dry Shampoo, Work it Hairspray and Salt Spray.

 Mark Fast @LFW - Hair by James Pecis and TIGI Creative Team
(I worked on this show)

Chris Benz -Hair by Nick Irwin and TIGI Creative Team
(Love this)

New Knots - Handicrafts and tribal influences unite to weave together a host of multicultural threads that add to fashion's decorative palette this season.
The Look - Knotted, twisted and braided
KEY PRODUCTS - Catwalk by TIGI Session Series, Work it Hairspray and Transforming Dry Shampoo.

Christopher Kane@LFW- Hair by Anthony Turner and TIGI Creative Team
(So sweet)

Mara Hoffman@NYFW - Hair by Nick Irwin and TIGI Creative Team

Naive Nonchalance - This S/S ingenue is young angelic, all sweetness and light, pastels, floral motifs and the kind of short lengths that only the very young can get away with. This crystallisation of a new ideal of fresh, youthful femininity translates into 'un-do's' that are easy to create.
The Look- Easy breezy unstructured and loose
KEY PRODUCTS USED - Catwalk by TIGI Session Series Finishing Hairspray, Work it Hairspray and salt spray.

 J Mendel @NYFW - Hair by Paul Hanlon and TIGI Creative Team

Kristian Aadnevik @LFW - Hair by Nick Irwin and TIGI Creative Team
(I saw this show)

Very exciting - I'm gonna rock the 'New Knots' and a bit of vintage softness from 'Retro - Spective'.

Would you be interested in a 'HOW TO' for any of these looks?

Love Le Riche x

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