Monday, 12 March 2012

Clean Clean Clean!

As a Make up Artist it's so important to keep on top of hygiene. As we use our kits everyday we do clean them as we use them but it's also important to have a clean of things that we may forget about. 

Milton do a great selection of cleaning items perfect for these types of things.

I often encounter clients being embarrassed about the state of their personal make up bags. These are small bags ladies, it's not a big job to clean it or to keep it clean. You'll enjoy doing you make up much more if the products are clean!

How can you expect to have fabulous skin when your tools are harbouring germs and bacteria? 
  1. Empty your bag and remove the loose pencil shavings you’re ‘storing’ at the bottom, put the bag through the washing machine or use an antibacterial surface wipe to clean the inside and out.
  2. Wash make-up brushes in detergent and then rinse before placing in sterilising fluid to kill lingering germs that are living within the bristles.
  3. Hairbrushes and combs can also be soaked in a solution of Milton to make them more hygienic. 
  4. Sharpen your pencils (over the bin), wipe round lipstick bullets, round eye shadow pans and all the packaging. Don't forget your hands are not always clean when you go in and out of your make up bag. 
  5. If items are old BIN THEM! - (previous blog post on expiry dates)

  • Mobile phones can gather more germs than a toilet. Wipe the outer casing with an antibacterial surface wipe, then use a cotton wool bud to clean away any dirt from tiny crevices and around the buttons. Finally wipe away any remaining residue with a piece of kitchen roll!

  • We use our toothbrush's to remove germs from our mouths every day, so it also needs a little clean itself, especially if you travel with it. Freshen yours every week by dipping it into diluted sterilising solution for a few minutes and don’t forget to replace it at least every three months.

  • I clean my glasses, properly, once a day. By properly I mean wash them not wipe them  with a dry tissue. Germs and bacteria breed on specs due to makeup residue, a buildup of oil and flakes of dry skin. Using an alcohol wipe like Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes will reduce bacteria.

  • People don't clean their headphones, but they really should. Just use an antibacterial wipe to gently clean the ear bud of your headphones, the wires and also your player. 

  • Apparently we also often don’t think about where we put our handbags down, so one moment it could be on a public toilet floor, and the next on the kitchen table. If you have a washable bag, I would recommend washing it regularly to avoid the spread of any unwanted germs, or again use antibacterial surface wipes on the outside.

100ml £2.19
30 wipes £2.29
500ml £2.13
1 box of 28 Tabs £2.29

Get cleaning people - Milton

Love Le Riche x


  1. Oooo I've not heard of Milton products before but I may have to get the sterilising fluid!! X

  2. yeah do it, it all smells good to! x