Monday, 30 April 2012

Minty Lips!

Good old Carmex have a new Mint flavour out.
It's very refreshing and has an SPF 15, perfect for summer!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Make up Stations!

I love looking at other peoples make up kits so heres a few for ya! 


The Palette in Use!

Back in February Laura Mercier released a beautiful palette for her Lingerie Collection and I mentioned that I would show you the palette in use, on a model.
I had the chance to use the palette recently.......

 (These are screen grabs of the video. Watch the video on the link above)

It was perfect for this as the look was very feminine, sexy, soft and elegant. 

The palette itself contains 6 powder eye shadows and two larger powder blushes.
Luster Eye Colour in Buff Pearl = Slightly pink, gleamy pearl
Sateen Eye Colour in Tawny Apricot = Pinky orange base with a slight blue iridescence 
Matte Eye Colour in Rich Cocoa= Perfect rich brown
Matte Eye Colour in Pale Pink = Very milky beige pink
Luster Eye Colour in African Violet = Purple pink base with gold shimmer and gleam
Matte Eye Colour in Black Plum = Deep purple navy in matte

Second Skin Cheek Colour in Rose Desire (at the top) = Blue toned rosy pink 
Second Skin Cheek Colour in Fresh Peach = Perfect soft dusty peach

(All shades, except African Violet and Black Plum, are exclusive to this palette)

All really satin soft, not powdery at all. Great colours and really versatile, as you can see these were used on quite a pale model and looked amazing, they look great on medium skin tones and most of them (apart from the pale pink) would be gorgeous on darker skin also. 

I also used Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation for that slight vintage feeling matte skin, along with Laura Mercier Secret Finish down the nose and on tops of the cheek bones. 

Let me know if you have any questions on the palette or any other Laura Mercier products!

Love Le Riche xx

Monday, 23 April 2012

Moroccanoil Hair Repair

A couple of years ago Moroccanoil really took off and everyones been talking about it since.
Moroccanoil® has now become a haircare industry sensation and is embraced by celebrities and runway stylists.  Their formulas not only leave hair naturally smooth and shiny, but also improve it's actual condition to make the hair stronger. 

I've been using the Restorative Hair Mask for about 3 months now and it's really helped with the condition of my dry damaged hair.
The mask is full of protein to really feed and nourish the hair, it also smells amazing and I love the massive 250ml, bright plastic pot in comes in!

To get the best out of a hair mask you should apply the product to shampooed towel dried hair - if the hair is soaking wet the hair shaft will be full of water therefore the product has no where to go, it cant penetrate the hair properly. 

Apply quite a bit of product and always comb through with a wide toothed comb. 

This particular mask says to leave on for 10 minutes, I'd say leave it on for as long as you can - it's not gonna harm it.

Rinse and condition as normal. 
Most people will benefit from a hair mask once a week, it really will make a difference to your hair, mine because much easier to brush too.

My hair is naturally pretty thick and wavy so I add a squirt of the Treatment Oil to the mask, for added shine and elasticity.

The Treatment Oil can, of course, be used as a styling tool also. A few pumps on damp hair before drying is great or once the hair is dry, to add shine and seal the hair. 
Start with a small amount, you can always add more. It absorbs instantly to fill gaps in the hair created by heat, styling and environmental damage.
It repairs as it replenishes lost proteins for strength; fatty acids, omega-3 oils, vitamins for shine and antioxidants for protection. 

I'm pretty sure you can only buy Moroccanoil in salons so check their website for stockists and other product information.

Love your hair, get it in really great condition before the summer and you'll be a step ahead of the damaging sun! 

Love Le Riche x

Friday, 20 April 2012

Waterproof Liners!

I find that all of my other eye liner pencils are fine for editorial work, shows etc but sometimes I need a little more staying power - like for a music video, when the day is much longer, there might be much more sweat from dancer, lots more chance of in times like these I need waterproof long lasting pencils.

Urban Decay do a great selection of colours and they really do stay put.

 They also carry a whole line of waterproof liquid liners which, again are great, a wide variety of colours with great staying power.

Well done Urban Decay, I'm a fan!

Love Le Riche x

A Must-Have For Blemishes!

I've literally only just discovered this awesome tool, but now couldn't be without it.

It's basically an extraction tool to help remove blemishes, quickly, easily and without all the marks (germs and damage) that fingers and nails leave.

It has two different loops, one on each end. One side is designed for whiteheads and the other for blackheads. You literally place the loop round the blemish and slide - the loop applies the pressure in the right place and boom it's out. 

Clean it with alcohol after every use!

Such a great tool, a much cleaner way to remove blemishes.

Let me know if you have any question

Love Le Riche x

Monday, 16 April 2012

Quick and Easy TIGI Hair 'How To's

I recently worked with Nick Irwin, Creative Director of Catwalk by TIGI, to re-create these gorgeous festival braids from the Mark Fast AW12 show for ID-Online.
I love the look, it's full of texture, it's rough and sexy yet still a beautiful up do!

As a follow on from, this I thought I would share some of their latest buzz with you guys.
Watch this to get you in the mood - TIGI

So Catwalk by TIGI has created five brilliant new 'How To Get The Look' videos for S/S12
Each look is created with just one TIGI Catwalk product, which of course makes it much easier to follow and to re-create.

Here's the looks (I'm all over the 'Spring Curls') all really great wearable looks for spring summer.

First up is the Soft Knot by TIGI Creative Team Member Maria Kovacs, inspired by the Christopher Kane SS12 show.
This is a great one for a lovely summers evening, it looks effortless, its super elegant and ....

Watch it HERE

Second we have Sports Chic by TIGI Creative Marco Iafrate inspired by the Gianfranco Ferre SS12 show.
This super slick look works great in the sunshine with that awesome lustre.

Watch it HERE

Check back soon for the rest of the 'How To Get The Look' videos!

Keep up-to-date with Catwalk by TIGI on FACEBOOK

Love Le Riche x

Thursday, 5 April 2012


I love these images, I'm really pleased with them!
They were shot for Noel Stewart's A/W Look Book by Photographer Matthew Shave

Me on make up, using NARS

Sheer Glow Foundation in Fiji
Duo Concealer in Vanilla/Honey
The Multiple in luxor
Loose Powder in Flesh

Bronzing Powder in Laguna
Powder Blush in Desire
Powder Blush in Taj Mahal

Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base
Single Powder Eye Shadow in Grenadines, Baby Girl
Duo Powder Eye Shadow in Eurydice
Larger Than Life Lengthening Mascara

Velvet Matt Lip Pencil in Cruella
Lipstick in Shangai Express
Lip Gloss in Bloodwork

Nail Polish in Rouge Andalou

Love Le Riche x

Healthy Yummies!

I recently had the great pleasure of working with Nicola Smith of Healthy Yummies to film a few recipes for Food Network.

Both dishes were delicious so I have linked them below!

Nicola provides awesome tasty-as-hell food out of a beautiful truck, check out her website for any catering needs.

Here the to dishes we shot on the day -
Pan-Fried Gurnard with Cornish Mussels and Clams in by | Fish Professional recipe |

Deconstructed Rhubarb Crumble with Ginger Cream in by | Crumble Professional recipe |

I used No:7's oldest lip colour Gay Geranium on Nicola as she wanted a fun vintage feel, a flash of black liner and you're good to go!

Love Le Riche x

Isabel Lucas.....Beauty x

I fell in love with her face the very first time I saw her on Home and Away in 2003......
I saw her in Marie Claire yesterday.............


The Build....

I'm hoping this will be the last blog post of our studio 'being done' the next (and last) one will be of the studio 'done'..........

With Love x