Thursday, 31 May 2012


As our skin changes colour throughout the year, due to the weather or even through fake tanning you may need to change your hair colour and make up colour choices.

It's a very good idea to alter these things a little to better suit your new skin tone. 
After two weeks in the sun my skin and hair became very similar in colour so I needed to add a splash of contrast = the answer, dying in some roots!

I actually went to BLEACH LONDON because dying in roots isn't as easy as one might think. 

Bleach have a super new salon, which once was 'WAH Nails' with a small 'BLEACH' concession. It's now the other way round and the salon looks awesome!

So my hair before - skin and hair colour are too similar you see...

After a couple of hours, I have roots!
We matched the fake roots to my natural hair colour so it looks super natural and really works with my colouring.

This now allows me to wear my brows a little darker and reconnects my dark brows and lashes. Massive improvement and very good tip for a post holiday fix up!

 Love Le Riche x

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