Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Muji Must Haves - Pro Kit!

I recently purchased a coupe of bits for my make up kit, they are complete essentials for any professional Make up Artist. 
Some are very well know, purchased and loved and others you might not have thought about so here's my list to make your lives easier. 

Business Card Holder - Always have cards on you.

Foldaway Mirror - If your model needs to curl her lashes, get something out of her eye or if you're doing bridal hair.

Pen Pots - Sometimes there just isn't room for your brush roll, especially at shows. Use these to store clean brushes.

Spray Bottles - Have a large one with alcohol to clean brushes, remove glue, sanitise tweezers etc. Have a small one for water, to activate cake liners.

Squeezy Tubes - Great to decant MAC Face and Body into as they are much smaller.

Mesh Pouch - For any loose bits like, lash curlers, glue, tweezers, sharpener etc. Or you could use it for nail bits and bobs.

Pill Case - Decant lipsticks or concealers into to minimise bulk and weight in your kit bag. 

Slim Buds - Great for tidying up make up. 

Small LED Torch - Backstage can be dark, off set can sometimes be dark. Always make sure you can see what your doing.

Water Flask - If your buying a bottle of water everyday and binning the bottle, just get a flask. 

Small Umbrella - Have it in your kit all the time, incase you go out for some shots or you're on location, if not for you, for the model. 

Travel Toothbrush - If you end up working late, if you smoke, for after lunch, if you have a meeting after work, whatever - just have one in your bag.

Travel Pillow - For early starts, cab journeys and flights. 

Hope that's helpful for all Make up Artists reading, let me know if you have others!

Thank you Muji for stocking all these wonderful items.

Love Le Riche x

Monday, 18 June 2012

Shooting at The Telegraph.....

Shooting at the massive Telegraph office the other day, awesome back drop to my make up station!

Some 'Kit Essentials' - 
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage 
depotted (muji 6 palette) Laura Mercier Secret Concealer 
Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder (anyone with dark undereyes needs this product)
Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Powder 
(I'd use a pressed powder on set)
MAC Paint Pots

Laura Mercier Brow Duo's 
Laura Mercier Tight Line Cake Liners (quad palette)
Laura Mercier (discontinued) Loose Cheek Tint in Apricot
Laura Mercier (limited edition) Lip Shine in Naked Apricot) 
Laura Mercier (limited edition) Lingerie Palette 
MAC Fluid Lines

I'll post the images once its out, 27th I think, look out for it!

Love Le Riche x

Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Best SPF....

So, SPF is super important, as we all know and it's the only thing that can really save your skin from premature ageing.

I recently spend 2 weeks in the Spanish sun and of course took my trusty Avene suncare. 
(Designed for very sensitive, intolerant, irritated skins. Perfect for everyone)
I used to get rashes, bumps and very irritated skin from other spf products. So I started using Avene a while ago, and I love it.  

They have these great 200ml spray bottles for body.
I have both of these - I wear the spf 20 all the time as it's a moderate protection and the spf 50+ on any bits that are a little more sensitive, that have tattoos, or if I accidentally get a little burnt, and if I don't wanna get any darker. I also use this on the backs of my hands as they show signs of ageing very quickly - I just match the colour up with a little fake tan. 

The whole range has a really 'clean' smell, not a false coconut 'holiday' smell. Because the bottles have spray pumps the mixture is very light and quite thin, it's quite a loose consistency and leaves no whiteness (- even the 50+)

  • They all contain vitamin E which protects the skin from free radical, it's a great antioxidant. 
  • All are packed with the Avene Thermal Water which has soothing and anti irritation properties 
  • All are paraben free and very water resistant. 
  • All produce lovely even lasting tans. 

about £16 each

This one is for the face, pretty much the same as above but this one also contains oil regulating Cucurbita pepo extract which gives the skin a matte finish- which I love. So its great for a slightly oilier skin, its great under make up, its great on camera, and if you just prefer a matte finish. 

about £11

They also have these guys, the spf 50+, ones a cream -for more dry sensitive skin and ones an emulsion, again, provides a matte finish for an oily skin.

  I take these on all outdoor shoots, they are a kit must have!

about £13.50 each

They also do this Mineral Cream in a very high protection. Perfect for anyone sensitive or intolerant to chemical filters or fragrance. Its formulated without chemical filters, fragrance and parabens. It's actually lightly tinted so you don't have to wear other products with it, it's your moisturiser as its rich and creamy, your spf and your foundation. 

about £13

Love Le Riche x

Recent Music Video....

Although there wasn't much hair and make up to be done here I wanted to share it with you guys as it was a great team, and the final video looks awesome! 

Directed by Callum Bain

Directors of Photography - Adrian Fan & Alice Whitby ( alicewhitby.tumblr.com )
Hair & Make up - Rhea Le Riche ( rhealeriche.com )
Dancers - Jodie Cartman & Laura Bettinson
Produced & Edited by Callum Bain
Special Thanks to Martin, Tony & Bailey @Studio Time, London


New Favourite Mascara...

It's the Divine Lash from  la carte cosmetics 

Divine Lash - £22

Comes in a very nice looking silver tube with a reasonable small plastic tip.
Water resistant and buildable = perfect. 

It was a little too wet for my lashes at the very beginning, now this can be the best thing for some people and the worst for others. It all depends on your lashes, the thickness, the length, the curl, how you want them to look etc etc.

Now, I have quite long lashes with a good curl and if a mascara is very wet it gives me about 5 very black very long lashes with no thickness. They also print on my eye lid as they curl so much and because, again the mascara is very wet.

If you have less curl or thicker lashes you might love a mascara that does that.
Either way, this one started very wet but after a few days turned into the perfect consistency for me. 
Still lots of it and very black but just that bit thicker, it wears really well, once its dry it stays put and its actually lasted a lot longer than I though it would. 

Check them out online or visit the store in Knightsbridge!

(all images from their website)

Love Le Riche x

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Post Holiday Blemishes....

My skin gets troubled after a holiday. The temperature is different, the skincare I use will alter, the air con, the flight and the alcohol intake all provide worthy elements to a breakout nightmare. 

These little bottles are my life savers, not only for after a holiday but any time I feel a breakout coming on or when I wake up with a visible problem.

Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel  - about £30 for 50ml 

Once you've cleansed your face at night, apply a thin layer - you can apply it all over the face or do as I do and just apply it where needed. Make sure you go wider than the affected area to kill any surrounding bacteria. It's a very liquidy gel, completely clear, that will dry 100%.
  It really helps clear the skin, calm inflammation and prevent future breakouts by reducing excess sebum.
It contains no artificial fragrance or colour and does contain the wonder ingredient- Salicylic acid.

I have very sensitive skin and this had never given me an irritation. I also find it great as a barrier in the day, if I or a client has an open blemish, I apply this and then I can apply make up right on top without any disturbance in the make up. 

Great one for professional kits and for personal use. 


Another favourite of mine is the -
Avene TriAcneal Night Treatment Cream - about £23 for 30ml

This is designed for slightly more severe imperfections but I use it in very small doses on specific areas, and it works a treat.

Again, after cleansing your face at night, apply a thin layer on the affected areas, blemishes, blackhead heads and scars. You may feel a slight stinging and a little flaking of the skin- this is completely normal and will probably fade the more you use the product. 
It's a yellowy pearly ointment which dries 100%. The tiny nozzle also helps with application so you don't over do it. 

You can use this as a nightly treatment and within 2 months the number of spots will be reduced and scars are much smoother. Or you can use it like me as a 'dot on where needed' affair- this also works wonders. 
I've applied this to a variety of blemishes, even more of the skin abscess/boil type and by morning it has really taken care of them.  
Definitely one to have in your bathroom and bag at all times if you have acne prone or problem skin.  

It contains no Parabens and does contain Glycolic acid along with a small selection of other great ingredients. 


Another super spot treatment is -
this pocket sized gadget from no! no! SKIN- about £130 and re-chargeable

This little thing stands less than 4" tall, looks pretty smart and is of great quality. It uses heat and light to target the blemish at it's source and minimise it's appearance and lifetime on the skin.
The light destroys the blemish whilst the heat speeds up the healing process and reduces swelling. 

This is to be used as and went needed, any time of the day or night, it does leave a small red mark for about 10mins so don't use it just before you head out as you will make it more obvious! 

It's very easy to use, you simply hold it over the blemish for 10 seconds, it counts for you, and then redo it a minute later. It does sting a little, especially if the blemish itself it very painful. 

I've used on it large lumps under the skin that I know are gonna be monsters and before they can even show, they go back down again. 

Definitely a fast and very effective blemish treatment. 
I take mine everywhere with me and have one in my kit for clients- on a job you can cover a blemish but not texture or swelling, I use this and the swelling is normally lessened in a few minutes. 


All these can be used anywhere on the body, chest, back, neck wherever you need to.

Feel free to ask any questions about these products or any other spot treatments you might be looking to try - on here or at mail@rhealeriche.com

Love your skin
Love Le Riche x