Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Best SPF....

So, SPF is super important, as we all know and it's the only thing that can really save your skin from premature ageing.

I recently spend 2 weeks in the Spanish sun and of course took my trusty Avene suncare. 
(Designed for very sensitive, intolerant, irritated skins. Perfect for everyone)
I used to get rashes, bumps and very irritated skin from other spf products. So I started using Avene a while ago, and I love it.  

They have these great 200ml spray bottles for body.
I have both of these - I wear the spf 20 all the time as it's a moderate protection and the spf 50+ on any bits that are a little more sensitive, that have tattoos, or if I accidentally get a little burnt, and if I don't wanna get any darker. I also use this on the backs of my hands as they show signs of ageing very quickly - I just match the colour up with a little fake tan. 

The whole range has a really 'clean' smell, not a false coconut 'holiday' smell. Because the bottles have spray pumps the mixture is very light and quite thin, it's quite a loose consistency and leaves no whiteness (- even the 50+)

  • They all contain vitamin E which protects the skin from free radical, it's a great antioxidant. 
  • All are packed with the Avene Thermal Water which has soothing and anti irritation properties 
  • All are paraben free and very water resistant. 
  • All produce lovely even lasting tans. 

about £16 each

This one is for the face, pretty much the same as above but this one also contains oil regulating Cucurbita pepo extract which gives the skin a matte finish- which I love. So its great for a slightly oilier skin, its great under make up, its great on camera, and if you just prefer a matte finish. 

about £11

They also have these guys, the spf 50+, ones a cream -for more dry sensitive skin and ones an emulsion, again, provides a matte finish for an oily skin.

  I take these on all outdoor shoots, they are a kit must have!

about £13.50 each

They also do this Mineral Cream in a very high protection. Perfect for anyone sensitive or intolerant to chemical filters or fragrance. Its formulated without chemical filters, fragrance and parabens. It's actually lightly tinted so you don't have to wear other products with it, it's your moisturiser as its rich and creamy, your spf and your foundation. 

about £13

Love Le Riche x

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